‘This is why they should put a limit’: Starbucks workers receive mobile order for 74 hot chocolates in viral TikTok, sparking debate



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Posted on Nov 12, 2021   Updated on Nov 12, 2021, 10:19 am CST

Viewers on TikTok are stressed TF out on behalf of Starbucks employees needing to fulfill an order of 74, yes 74, hot chocolates for kids.

In the video posted by @noodle.maymay, a masked barista and her colleague give a desperate look into the camera before getting to work on the dozens upon dozens of drinks.

A machine (which has a funny-looking pair of googly eyes) spits out a seemingly endless stream of individual drink stickers, and the employees barely have enough surface to stick them on as they make the drinks one by one. In the video, a set of drink labels barely hang on to the coffee bean dispenser it’s attached to. One employee has so many drink tickets that she fans herself with them.

“Y’all, omg this is wild,” @noodle.maymay says in the video.

The team seems to work together well in fulfilling the large and unusual order. At one point in the short video, at least 30 of the holiday-themed cups are on the counter, and there seems to be barely enough space for more.

Sadly, the audience never gets to see the end product with all 74 hot chocolates.

“Oh nooooo we are definitely cursed,” the barista captioned the video.

The viral video was posted a day ago and has already hit 1.4 million viewers.


People in the comments section had a lot of strong opinions about the order. Some said the employees shouldn’t have to fulfill such a large order.

“This is why they should put a limit on the amount of items you can order at once,” one commenter said.

“PEOPLE DO THIS TO WORKERS,” another said.

“I would simply tell them that orders over 15 items need to be placed the day prior,” another suggested.

On the other hand, people were critiquing the person who placed the order for spending that much money on hot chocolate when “a 50 ct box of Swiss Miss at sams is only $6.”

“Just seems like such a waster lol. Over $150 for hot chocolate that isn’t even that good. Could have bought supplies and I only spent like 20 lol,” another said.

Others had jokes:

“A private school is watching polar express, I just know it,” one person predicted.

“Bet 100% half [of] those kids took ONE sip I hate kids,” another expressed.

“Gonna be cold chocolate by the time they’re all done,” a third said.

This isn’t the first time @noodle.maymay and her team have fulfilled a larger than average order. The TikToker uploaded a video just the day before—which also got more than a million views—fulfilling an order for 44 frappes. ‘Tis the season I guess?

The Daily Dot reached out to @noodle.maymay via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Nov 12, 2021, 7:57 am CST