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I’m sure your guests will love being goaded into using hashtags by a stranger. 

People getting married have plenty to worry about. Judgmental in-laws. Drunk uncles. Finding the perfect burlap-ringed mason jars to decorate the country-vintage inspired reception halls of their Pinterest-tinged dreams.  And now there’s the problem of social media. Many brides and grooms are choosing a hashtag to help guests compile and find photos and posts about their weddings. Others are letting guests upload photos to group Facebook albums or requesting that guests delete unflattering photos from the Internet.

And some brides and grooms are spending thousands of dollars hiring social media concierges to make sure everyone at the wedding is bringing their Instagram A-game. The W Hotel has been advertising a $3,000 “wedding concierge” service that includes a total stranger live-tweeting the ceremony.

Bianca Bosker, a tech editor for the Huffington Post, received a copy of the email and posted it to Twitter.

W Hotel is not actually the originator of this idea. Desiree Ford, who runs a social media company, advised brides-to-be to hire “Wedding Media Correspondents” to do stuff like change the newly-married couples’ Facebook marital status.

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