This is what cigarettes really do to your lungs

Good morning, this is gross. 

You’re looking at the expansion and contraction of two lungs—one of which came into first-degree contact with cigarettes, the other of which didn’t. 

We’ll give you five minutes to guess which one’s which.

These types of comparisons have been flooding anti-smoking campaigns for years; just type “smoker’s lung” into Google to get a good read on how vast the effort’s become. Something about the robustness of the good lung’s expansion juxtaposed against the undeniable struggle going on with that smoked-out lung really hammers the point home. 

Here’s hoping you didn’t open this story during your smoke break.

Photo via Hey Paul Studios/Flickr

Chase Hoffberger

Chase Hoffberger

Chase Hoffberger reported on YouTube, web culture, and crime for the Daily Dot until 2013, when he joined the Austin Chronicle. Until late 2018, he served as that paper’s news editor and reported on criminal justice and politics.