Worker records herself sleep talking about client meetings

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‘Literally working overtime’: Woman records herself sleep-talking about work meetings

'We're never free.'


Sarah Kester


Posted on Aug 31, 2023

When you’re working around the clock, work has a way of seeping into your personal life. For one woman, that includes her sleep.

In a viral TikTok video, TikToker Sabrina Lod (@sabrinalodd) uses the Sleep Recorder app to record herself sleep-talking about client meetings—customer service voice and all.


client service voice and all💀

♬ original sound – Sabrina lod💙

Sleep talking is a type of parasomnia (abnormal behavior take occurs during sleep) that usually lasts for no longer than 30 seconds per episode, according to WebMD. People may sputter nonsense or make offensive or vulgar statements, and it can be caused by medications, mental disorders, and emotional stress.

“You can tell I’ve been working in client service for 10 years from my sleep talking,” the text overlay reads on Lod’s video, which had amassed over 462,300 views by Thursday. (The Daily Dot contacted the creator via TikTok comment.)

Lod plays the first sleep-talking episode, which occurred at 1:49am. “So, let me know if you need anything and, yeah, have a great day,” the woman says to no one in particular. 

At 3:39am, the app senses movement as she says, “Oh, hi. OK, have a great day everybody,” as though she’s signing off of a Zoom meeting.

“Thank you,” she politely says in the last voice recording at 3:41am.

Lod’s clip had viewers praising her work dedication. “Put this on your resume girl LOL,” a woman shared.

“This is literally working overtime,” another wrote. “Polite sleepy queen,” a third commented.

Many believe that a raise or bonus is in order for her dedication to her job. “I think you deserve a bonus cause youre sleeping and still on the clock,” this person commented. 

“Call centre trauma is real,” another observed. 

Several commenters shared their own stories of how their work has affected their sleep.

“I’ll never forget my ex waked me up to tell me I asked him if he needed a receipt in my sleep,” a woman shared. 

“I was a cashier and I woke up one night with my dog in my arms like a baby trying to scan his barcode,” another added. 

“My mom woke me up in the middle of the night once and my response was ‘how can I help you?’” a third recalled. 

Some found Lod’s dedication to her work to be alarming and encouraged her to get some sleep.

“Girl get some rest,” this commentor writer. 

“This is so sad … We’re never free,” another added.

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*First Published: Aug 31, 2023, 4:10 pm CDT