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‘This is why I’m f*cking quitting’: Server vents out his frustration after table of 16 comes into restaurant 45 minutes before closing

'And then they tip 10%.'


Linda Hamilton


Posted on Nov 12, 2022

TikTok user Ozryn Nino (@ozrynog) posted a video that garnered discussion on the platform about working in restaurant life. 

In the video, Nino vents how the establishment is scheduled to close in 45 minutes but a party of 16 people still walked in to eat. 

“This is why I’m fucking quitting because you motherfuckers make my job insufferable,” Nino said. 


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There was a great divide among viewers in the comments section, with many understanding Nino’s frustration while others not so much. 

One user commented, “And then they tip 10%.” 

Another user commented, “No, it’s really torture and they always order appetizers, desserts, and extra everything.” 

“It should be planned to accommodate guests that come in even one minute before close because hours of operations are for guests, not staff,” a viewer said. 

One user wrote, “I’ve had 16 people come in five minutes before we closed.” 

Another viewer wrote, “Key words, ‘close in 45 minutes’ you’re off time isn’t in 45 minutes…the sad thing is how many people think this same way and why we have no work force.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Nino via comment on his TikTok video where he gave more context on the situation and establishment. 

Nino explained that he works at a local restaurant that has been around since 1970 and claims they are understaffed with only one cook that cooks for 10 or more people all day, every day. He added that weekends are their busiest times, with a full house and people still waiting outside to be seated. 

The establishment currently has three servers, one cook, and two dishwashers trying to run the place , Nino says, and customers will pop off with attitudes to the point where the restaurant has to kick them or blacklist them. He also stated how the tipping situation can go for him. 

“People will tip, if they do, five bucks on a $50 plus ticket,” Nino said. “It happens everyday.”

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*First Published: Nov 12, 2022, 2:48 pm CST