Customer says Sephora employee made her cry while she was checking her out

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‘This is why I go online shopping’: Customer says Sephora employee made her cry while she was checking out

‘As an ex Sephora employee this breaks my heart.’


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A TikToker went to the platform to talk about a bad experience she had shopping at a Sephora store, declaring, “This is why I go online shopping.”

The video comes from creator Quinn, garnering more than 296,000 views as of Sunday. In the video, she talks about going to a Sephora store to pick up mascara from the Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez line, when she had the unfortunate encounter.

The person checking her out gave her free samples as well as some free unwelcome advice attached to those samples.

“The person was like, ‘I hope that helps your skin because it looks pretty bad right now,’” Quinn says.

@quinnylepooh They much have been team Hailey 😔 – i dont feel rare, i feel like trash right now 🥲 – @rarebeauty @sephora – #rarebeautyblush #rarebeautymakeup #rarebeautyreview #rarebeautymascara #rarebeauty #rarebeautyhighlighter #rarebeautybyselena #selenagomez #selenagomezfan #teamselena #sephora #sephorastorytime #makeup #mascara #fyp ♬ Rare – Selena Gomez

“I didn’t know what to say,” Quinn shares. “Honestly, I just froze because I know my skin looks like, pretty bad right now. I just was just stressed and … I just have acne, OK?”

She explains this is a condition that’s affected her since she was a teenager. “I was already having a pretty bad day,” she adds, “and then they gotta hit me with this?” She then expressed her preference for shopping online.

The TikToker doesn’t reveal her face in any of the videos, preferring to use various emojis or recording videos from the neck down. In this instance, perhaps appropriately, she chose a crying emoji.

Some commenters expressed sympathy for her treatment.

“Selena would say don’t listen to them and love yourself bc you’re beautiful,” one noted.

Quinn responded, “I saw her tiktok video for advice to her younger self and I cried even more after watching it.”

At least one teed off against Sephora workers, asking, “Why are Sephora workers like this? I’ve seen so many videos of catty Sephora workers, they act like they are on a pedastool [sic] yet get paid 15$ an hour.”

That led Quinn to say she wishes she were paid $15 an hour.

Others wanted her to get more proactive about the situation.

“Girl, you better contact their manager ASAP,” one expressed.

Another added, “Hope you emailed their manager & give a bad review for their online survey that was so uncalled for. I’m so sorry you don’t deserve that!!”

That comment prompted the TikToker to record a whole other video explaining why she wasn’t going to approach the worker’s higher-ups.

While pouring an Olipop into a glass, she explained, “I work a minimum-wage retail job, and if I get a complaint, I could get fired … and I don’t want that to happen to this person.”

@quinnylepooh Replying to @kitkatc_444 I appreciate all of your kind words and messages. For now i’ll just go back to making my silly drink videos on the internet cause it makes me happy and also only shop online. – @drinkolipop #olipop #rarebeautyblush #rarebeauty #rarebeautymakeup #rarebeautyreview #rarebeautymascara #rarebeautyhighlight #rarebeautybyselena #rarebeautyhighlighter #sephorahaul #sephora #bounty #sephorastorytime #viral #fyp #selenagomez #selenagomezfan ♬ Calm Down – Rema & Selena Gomez

She went on to reason, “Maybe they were just having a bad day,” adding, “It would be ironic to buy something from Rare Beauty, who emphasizes kindness, and then complain.”

But commenters disagreed with that display of turning the other cheek.

“Nah, having a bad day is not an excuse to talk to someone like that,” one noted.

Another advised at least emailing Sephora about the situation, noting that alerting the company might prevent someone else from enduring what the TikToker endured.

As one commenter put it, “Kindness does not equal allowing yourself to be stepped all over.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to Sephora via email.

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