applebee's waiter with two receipts (l) man at table (c) bill for 42.74 (r) all with caption 'He made me pay'


‘Did you really come back with 2 separate checks?’: Woman films date ‘making’ her pay for her own meal, sparking debate

'He's making me pay for my food because I won't have sex with him.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Jun 22, 2022

A TikToker filmed her date refusing to pay for her meal, and many viewers took her date’s side.

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TikToker @alaska.gurl posted a video that’s been viewed over 2.5 million times.

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In the video, an Applebee’s waiter approach the table that the woman and another man wearing a blue Looney Tunes T-shirt are sitting at.

“He made me pay,” the text overlay on the clip reads.

The waiter is holding two separate bills and then hands them over to the man in the Looney Tunes shirt.

“Did you really come back with two separate checks?” the woman asks off-camera.

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@alaska.gurl #pay #food #madara ♬ original sound – $alaskagurl2525

“Yeah that’s what y’all asked to do,” the waiter responds to the TikToker’s question.

She then turns the camera to the man seated across from her, saying, “You’re really gonna make me pay?”

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The man then asks whether or not she’s going to give him “ass,” to which the woman responds with a resounding, “No!”

The man proceeds to take the checks as the waiter questions, “Well, anyways man here come the two. … She not gonna give you what?”

The man in the Looney Tunes shirt says, “No ass.”

“That’s—that’s crazy,” the waiter replies. He then hands her her separate bill, which came out to $42.74.

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“Fuck you,” she says to the man, and he responds with, “See that’s your problem. You don’t want to.”

She points the camera to the bill again, “He’s really making me pay you guys.”

He then asks her, “How are you getting home?”

“You’re fucking taking me home! You’re taking me home!” she says.

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“You get gas?” he asks.

“No,” she responds.

He then motions to some extra food and says, “You wanna give that to your ride?”

She doubles down and tells the man that he’s going to take her home. “All right you guys, he’s making me pay for my food because I won’t have sex with him. That’s a sad shame. Look at this man. Don’t ever go out with him. Don’t give him your number; just fucking run.”

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@alaska.gurl #pay #food #madara ♬ original sound – $alaskagurl2525

He then looks into the camera at the end of the video and says, “Young hoes is hungry.”

The video sparked a lot of reactions, with many folks in the comments section decrying the behavior of both diners. Some applauded the man for not paying for the TikToker’s meal, while others expressed they thought it was presumptuous of him to assume a person would engage in intercourse with him because he bought them food from Applebee’s. Others decried the woman for expecting him to foot the cost of her food despite the fact that her ticket came out to nearly three times as much as his, as the man claimed his order came out to $15.

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“Love how she thought we was gon be on her side,” one viewer said.

“Who does she think she is expecting a stranger to pay for her meal and then demand him to take her home he ain’t right but she ain’t any better,” another questioned.

“King ! Men aren’t obligated to pay for y’all meal !! You ate it you pay for it !! Unless he offered to pay it first!” another said.

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However, some in the comments section were convinced that the man in the clip was actually her husband and that the entire video was staged for views. There were others who thought that the woman was in the right and that if the man asked her out on a date, he should pay the entirety of the bill.

A scroll through the TikToker’s account doesn’t show any clips that feature the man. However, there is a clip that appears to show the woman wearing a wedding ring, so we could either be watching a TikTok that was posted for clout, or an ugly marital squabble that was aired for everyone on the internet to see.

Regardless of whether or not the couple in the clip were married or going on a first date together, folks did seem to be really fired up about the topic of who should pay on a date.

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The Daily Dot reached out to @alaska.gurl for comment on TikTok.

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*First Published: Jun 22, 2022, 4:21 pm CDT