Young woman in apartment holding up cup with caption 'When you get a second job so you don't have to overthink and be sad'


‘Healing your trauma is the answer’: Woman says she got a second job to not ‘overthink and be sad,’ sparking debate

‘I did this. Ended up getting burned out after a while.’


Braden Bjella


With the cost of many goods going up, it’s no surprise that many people are seeking a second job. However, money alone may not be the only factor motivating someone to pick up a second gig, as user Rosy recently claimed in a viral TikTok.

In her now-viral video, she says that she picked up another job so she didn’t “have to overthink and be sad.” The video, posted on June 20, has accumulated over 797,000 views.

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While Rosy’s video may be a joke, in comments, many users claim to currently be doing the same thing.

“Meeee,” wrote one user. “I work like 55 hrs a week but I don’t like being home bc I get so sad.”

“I feel personally attacked,” added another. “Literally looking for a second job for this reason exactly.”

“The way I’ve literally gotten a 2nd job for this specific reason,” stated a third. “I can’t be alone for too long. My thoughts can be so cruel.”

However, other users cautioned against this behavior, with many speaking from their own experience.

“I used to do that to myself. 3 jobs,” recalled one commenter. “I like the new version of me. Healing your trauma is the answer.”

“I did this. Ended up getting burned out after a while. Quit my second job. And once I had downtime, oh baby, mentally/emotionally/physically? Rough,” remembered a second. “Please learn from my mistakes and face your problems now rather than later. Trust me, it catches up with you. I’m here if you want to talk.”

“Therapy really helped me,” a further user explained, “it helped me find things I could do to fill my time & still enjoy life outside of the workplace.”

In response to this comment, Rosy stated that she just started therapy and that it was the “best thing ever.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Rosy via Instagram DM.

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