SCOTUS the cat always has a look of terror on his little face

scotus the scaredy cat

Photo via @danikaharrod / Twitter

He’s the Supreme Cat of the United States.

There have been many cats cute enough to distract the internet from whatever it was we were supposed to be doing (hello, summer Fridays stuck at work). But SCOTUS—the Supreme Cat of the United States—might just be the cutest of them all.

SCOTUS the cat, as the Dose pointed out, is intriguing as well as adorable. A blue-grey Scottish Fold with accounts on Instagram and Twitter, he nearly always has a look of total and inescapable terror on his little face.

Here is @scotuscat being terrified of a Hello Kitty doll.

thnx for the gift @lanikaps

A photo posted by SCOTUS (@scotuscat) on

Here is @scotuscat again, overwhelmed by the shock and horror of a comfortable quilt on a bed.

Why is little SCOTUS so scared-looking all the time? Perhaps he comes from an alternate future, where he has witnessed President Donald Trump’s pick for the currently empty Supreme Court seat. Or maybe little SCOTUS is just taken aback by the sexist trolls on Twitter that hassle his mom, Femsplain founder Amber Discko.

The Daily Dot reached out to Discko on Twitter and asked her to weigh in on whatever it is that has SCOTUS the cat so perturbed.

“He just knows a lot of things that he won’t even tell me,” Discko said, adding that “if there was a secret cat war, he would definitely be the general.”

SCOTUS the cat was born in May of 2015, and Discko brought him home on Pride weekend just as the Supreme Court was passing a historic LGBT marriage equality ruling. She named him after the court in celebration, but says the monumental cat “has completely grown into the name.”

Here is a photo of @scotuscat looking weirded-out even as a tiny baby kitten.


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“He’s very curious and playful but hates when doors are closed,” Discko told the Daily Dot. “He always has to come in the bathroom with me.”

Oh, SCOTUS. We would let you do just about anything you wanted, were you to grace our own unworthy lives with your supreme cuteness.

SCOTUS isn’t all just fear and horror, though—the cat also appears to know some pretty complex yoga poses, and can resemble a nice lounge chair.

📷 @danikaharrod

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When SCOTUS was but a wee Scottish Fold kitten, he was barely the size of a cellphone charger. No, really. The tiny scaredy-cat also got lost in purses and stared out from inside them in blank terror.

#cat #kitten #scottishfold

A photo posted by SCOTUS (@scotuscat) on

“What’s in your bag?”

A photo posted by SCOTUS (@scotuscat) on

Move over, Grumpy Cat—there’s a new internet feline in town! SCOTUS the cat is a fast-rising star, whose favorite snack is a piece of smoked salmon from his mom’s Sunday bagel. And you should follow him right now.

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