Take a GoPro ride downhill with this fearless mountain biker

Screen_Shot_2014-04-15_at_5.51.47_PM.png (1191×780)

I’ll stick to paved areas, thanks.

In the first place, there’s street biking, which isn’t all that safe to begin with. Then there’s offroad biking, which makes up for a lack of careless motorists with countless natural dangers. Finally, you have the sort of extreme biking that entails using the side of a mountain as a customized obstacle course—a radical stunt you can experience for yourself via GoPro camera.

It’s all a bit dizzying and bone-rattling, but don’t feel bad: even the cyclist has to pause once to collect himself, later emitting a worried “Whoa!” when he comes off a particularly diabolical ramp.

Public service announcement to would-be daredevils: it may feel, after watching that, as if you can execute a mid-air 360º spin over treacherous rocks on a mountain bike. But no, you can’t. 

Photo via Misha Andriasyan/YouTube

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