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Influencer says she wants to auction off her virginity to raise coronavirus funds

The auction was going to start at about $135,000. Then, people started attacking her family online.


Stacy Fernandez

Internet Culture

Published May 23, 2020   Updated May 30, 2020, 5:10 pm CDT

By Stacy Fernández

An Indonesian influencer is now apologizing after being attacked online for saying she’d auction off her virginity and donate the funds to people affected by the pandemic.

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In a since-deleted video, Sarah Keihl claims her virginity auction would start at 2 billion rupiah—or about $135,000.

“I, Sarah, am making the biggest decision of my life to auction my virginity, starting from 2 billion rupiahs. One hundred percent of the funds will be donated to all the warriors against Covid-19 and whoever else needs money,” Keihl says.

She ends the video by thanking her audience and saying she hopes they “can take the positive from this.”

As you can already tell, Keihl’s audience did not fall in step. The beauty and lifestyle influencer started getting attacked online by people calling her “desperate.”

Though some rushed to her defense. “It’s her body & her choice. money is still money lmao especially at a time like this. ppl r failing to see the bigger picture on how she could actually help us rn. unless ur gonna donate at least 2M y’all can stfu,” one pointed out.

In an Instagram apology post, Keihl claimed the video was pure sarcasm and an ironic jab at those who aren’t taking the pandemic seriously, according to Coconuts Jakarta. Keihl said she didn’t realize the level of her actions until people started to bully her family online.

“I’m sorry for creating the controversy. In truth, the virginity auction was my idea of satire of those who aren’t sensitive to the situation,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

“But clearly my sarcasm was too much and I deeply beg for your forgiveness. I had no intention of violating women and I also had no intention of auctioning my virginity,” she continued.

Kiehl said she will donate “1,000 packets of essential goods” out of her own pocket, according to South China Morning Post.

“That money is halal, I have never sold myself or my dignity,” Kiehl wrote. 

But her apology and explanation didn’t leave everyone convinced that this wasn’t all a publicity stunt done in poor taste. A popular gossip page posted screenshots between Kiehl and what appears to be one of her friends.

The influencer told her friend that the whole thing—including the apology—was planned out with her manager in advance to boost engagement, Coconuts Jakarta reports.


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*First Published: May 23, 2020, 12:45 pm CDT