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‘I’m coming for your husband’: Woman receives ‘mean’ comments from other women. So she starts sliding into their husbands’ DMs

‘I don’t want your man. But if you’re mean to me, I’ll show you I can have him.’


Grace Stanley


In a viral TikTok series, an adult content creator who receives hate comments from other women says she’s fighting back by messaging their husbands and boyfriends to test their loyalty. 

In the first viral TikTok, which has over 3.3 million views and was posted earlier in the week by nurse, TikToker, and OnlyFans creator Roxy Stylez (@roxysylezz26), the creator says she is tired of women leaving her rude comments and wants to get some revenge. 

“I’m gonna message some girls’ husbands, and I’m gonna show you the responses. All you women who thought it was such a good idea to comment on my video nasty things, this goes out to you. I am gonna find your husbands today, and we have the first account already picked,” the creator says in the video. 

The creator then shows the accounts of four women who she says left her “mean” comments and records herself messaging their husbands and boyfriends on Instagram to test their commitment, saying she bets one of them will respond.

“I’m coming for your husband,” the creator captioned the video. “You might wanna take a seat.” 


🙊 you might wanna take a seat

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In the comments section of the video, viewers debated the creator’s actions. Many viewers cheered on the “vigilante” style of justice. 

“This is gold,” one user praised. 

“This is a level of petty that I can fully support,” another encouraged. 

On the flip side, some viewers questioned and criticized the creator’s actions, calling the video “unhinged” and “sad.” In response, others defended the creator, saying a relationship was already doomed if a husband would be so easily swayed.

“Sad thing is you’re doing them a favor.. If he is talking to you he is not worth the time,” one user commented. 

Stylez told the Daily Dot in a message she wants people to know she isn’t at all interested in these men and doesn’t want anyone’s “seconds.” She also said she thinks for the most part, people are reacting positively to her videos.

“Majority of the response has been positive, all the bad ones seem insecure and also have access to their man’s social media. I’m a nurse and I have morals, but bullies shouldn’t be bullies,” Stylez said. 

In another video posted earlier in the week, which has over 753,100 views, the creator explains that many women leave negative comments on her adult videos calling her a “homewrecker.” Particularly after one of her videos, asking “has your wife called you handsome today,” went viral, the creator said she has faced a lot of hate online. 

“If your relationship is this terrible that you have to be concerned about someone from the outside coming in, he or she is not the one for you,” the creator says in the video. “He should be ignoring me, he should be rude to me, he should say, ‘no, I have a wife’…If that’s not the case, then I consider it fair game. … I’m coming for you.” 

In a follow-up video posted on Wednesday, which has over 657,000 views, the creator says one man she messaged deleted his Instagram, and one man didn’t respond. However, she says two of the men responded to her in a flirtatious way. 

The creator says one who messaged her, who seemingly was eventually caught by his wife, messaged her saying: “honestly, your looks got my attention, but after I regained focus, holy fuck, you are hilarious too.”

The other man who responded to her DM also sent a compliment.

“The second one said, ‘Hey there’s an account using your pics.’ I was confused and said, ‘What?’ Then he proceeds to send me a picture of space and says, ‘because you’re out of this world,’” the creator says in the video. “Ladies. I don’t want your man. But if you’re mean to me, I’ll show you I can have him.”

In a third video posted Thursday, the creator says one of the women whose husband responded changed her and her husband’s usernames to avoid repercussions for their actions. The creator further clarifies she is not at all interested in the “trash” men she is messaging and instead wants to show that people don’t get to be a “bully without receiving some consequences.”

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