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‘Her husband starts banging on my door’: TikToker says couple tried to break into her house over road rage

‘You’re going 10 miles under the speed limit. You’re in the wrong here, not me.’


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A TikToker detailed a frightening incident in a series of viral videos that all began with a singular, seemingly innocuous instance of road rage. The 21-year-old creator @toxxxicwaist says it eventually snowballed into a couple following her to her house, with a man trying to break into her home while verbally harassing her.

“So I’m literally on the verge of tears and shaking,” she starts the clip.


Story time

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In the first video, @toxxxicwaist says they were driving home for their lunch break while the woman in front of her was driving about 10 miles under the speed limit.

“She was going 35 in a 45, and she was trying to light a cigarette and like do shit, while she was already going under the speed limit,” the creator explains. “So yeah, I was riding her ass a little bit. She was going 10 miles fucking under. No, it wasn’t bumper to bumper, but there definitely wasn’t a full car length in-between us.”

However, @toxxxicwaist says the woman flicked her off as they were going around a roundabout, before yelling at her.

“You can see her demeanor through her fucking mirrors,” they say. “And I was like fuck you, I was literally like, you’re going 10 miles under the speed limit. You’re in the wrong here, not me.”

Up until this point, the TikToker’s story seems like a very typical road rage interaction. Most people would just grumble to themselves and go about their day or make a passive-aggressive social media post about “morons who don’t know how to drive.”

However, @toxxxicwaist says that the woman she was driving behind ended up following her home in a frightening turn of events.

The creator says that when she pulled into her parking lot, she hadn’t realized the woman’s car was at the front of her home.


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“When I get out of the car I start hearing screaming and this girl is like, ‘I got you bitch, I got you, you dirty skank. I got you,’” @toxxxicwaist recalls. “And I like literally look up and I’m like what the fuck is going on?’ I didn’t do anything. I especially didn’t do anything illegal, like maybe annoying yeah, illegal no. You can’t—there’s nothing you can do to me right now.”

The TikToker claims the woman then called her out for following closely behind her. When @toxxxicwaist explained that the woman was going under the speed limit in response, the woman allegedly replied,” I don’t give a fuck. I can drive however I want. This is a free country,” according to the TikToker.

@toxxxicwaist then states that the woman challenged her to a fight and made threats about knowing her home address. After running into her home, the TikToker says the woman called her husband, who allegedly started banging on her door.

“Her husband starts banging on my door and trying to break in the fucking glass at the bottom of the fucking door,” the creator says. “So I’m sitting up here, my whole house is fucking shaking from this man rattling my door.”

The user then told the man to leave, however, they say he continued banging on the door.

“He was like, ‘Let me in you dumb skank. You dumb whore,’” they allege. “And I was like, ‘I didn’t do anything. Your wife is the one who was going under the fucking speed limit.’”


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They then claim the man threatened to “pull” the TikToker’s “old man” through the keyhole and “cripple him.”

At that point, @toxxxicwaist explains that they then ran upstairs to grab their gun, as they were home alone and believed the man was going to break into their house.

The TikToker posted several follow-up videos detailing everything that happened in her initial TikTok post, with actual footage of the altercation she had with the woman and husband who followed her home and tried to break into her house.


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She then uploads the video of the couple at her door, revealing their full faces on camera. She tells them multiple times to leave and reminds the woman that the only reason she was driving so closely behind her was that she was driving 10 miles under the speed limit.

In a third video, @toxxxicwaist confronts the couple outside of her home as they exchanged words on the sidewalk.

The TikToker also revealed that she ended up pressing charges against the couple and filed a police report, showing a bit of the documentation on camera briefly while discussing the legal recourse she’s taking to protect herself from the duo should they return to her property in the future.

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She said that in addition to a bunch of victims’ rights literature handed to her by the police, the TikToker mentioned that officers also took a report asking her to delineate exactly what happened and that she also sent authorities all of the videos that she took of the altercation, along with photographs she took of the couple and their vehicle information.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @toxxxicwaist for further comment on TikTok.

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