bathroom wall with clear shelf attached (l) Woman fixing wall holding scraper with paste over damage (c) damaged wall after 'renter friendly' wall shelf is removed (r)


‘This one off-brand just destroyed my wall’: Woman’s ‘rental-friendly’ shelf ripped up her wall, sparking debate

'Spoiler alert: they're not rental friendly.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Jun 10, 2022   Updated on Oct 21, 2023, 8:23 am CDT

A woman on TikTok recently tried to remove her “rental friendly” shelf, only to have the removal rip off a significant portion of her bathroom’s drywall.

In a now viral video, user Liss (@elbow48) showed the hole left by the shelf’s removal as well as her attempts to fix it. Quickly, her video erupted in discussion, with many sharing their own stories of being deceived by self-proclaimed “rental safe” products.

Liss’ video currently has over 7.9 million views, with a follow-up receiving over 1.3 million views.

@elbow48 this whole moving has been CRAZY but the new house is so dirty I can’t wait to clean it!! #cleantok #drywallrepair #amateurandnotgoingwell ♬ original sound – Liss

“A few months ago, I put in these ‘renter friendly’ shelves. Spoiler alert: they’re not rental friendly, and they took off half my wall,” Liss states in the original video.

She then shows how she is repairing the wall. In a follow-up video, she says she informed her landlord of the fix and he was okay with it, even helping her spackle to better cover the hole.

@elbow48 Reply to @lyssjln__ ♬ original sound – Liss

In comments, Liss says the product is made by OAPRIRE. While similar shelves from the brand have high reviews on Amazon, there are several reviewers on the site with comparable experiences.

“Warning for everyone that are looking to buy. The sticky pads that come in the box will destroy your wall,” one reviewer shared. “I bought both the white and clear. I was removing them to repaint the room and pulled off the dry wall.”

Some recommended using a hair dryer to loosen the adhesive. However, some reviewers claim this did nothing to help the situation and still produced damage. Even Liss explained in a comment that she also tried using heat to remove the shelf.

“So I went to take them down, using the hair dryer method to heat up the adhesive…and I really wish I never did this. I’m definitely not getting my deposit back,” wrote a reviewer. Attached to the review are several pictures showing holes in drywall.

Back on TikTok, viewers shared similar stories to Liss’ experience. 

“Same type of shelves did the same thing to our wall,” a commenter wrote.

“I [had] the same thing happen and honestly I filled it in with air drying clay I had,” a second claimed.

“When we moved in to our place they actually said they’d prefer us to use nails to hang things for this very reason,” a third said.

Liss responded to this comment, claiming that she’s used a variety of Command products before, but only had issue with adhesive when using this particular brand. “I’m just so bummed!!” she wrote. “I had so many command shelves and this one off brand just destroyed my wall.”

While Liss explained in comments that her landlord would have most likely handled it and she was simply doing it out of kindness, she later stated that she wasn’t sure if she was getting her security deposit back.

“I’m hoping! i had a $900 deposit and hoping to get a good bit back. we broke some stuff but for the most part it’s good shape,” she shared.

We’ve reached out to Liss via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Jun 10, 2022, 9:03 am CDT