Wednesday’s Reddit Digest—living with post orgasmic illness syndrome

In Wednesday's digest, learn more about James Cameron's trip to the bottom of the sea, what it's like to work at a mental institution, and how to cope with a rare disorder.


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Posted on Mar 28, 2012   Updated on Jun 2, 2021, 7:24 pm CDT

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  • You’ve probably never heard of post orgasmic illness syndrome (POIS), a rare disorder that causes a range of physical and mental problems following orgasm in men. That lack of awareness inspired this redditor, who suffers from POIS, to do an AMA: “What we really need is a dedicated medical research programme,” he writes, asking for donations at the website for the National Organization for Rare Disorders. “One of our forum members noticed there have been some incredible life-transforming stories of people using reddit to fundraise,” he adds. (/r/IAmA)

  • Redditor claudio_rodval is using Reddit as a concept-art testing pad. Specificaly, he wants to make a children’s book: “The story is a SciFi for children (6 or older) and I am thinking about giving my children the chance to make decisions through out the story (like a video game).” He’s from Germany, so you’ll have to forgive him for not knowing the term “choose your own adventure.” Check out the art . (/r/pics)

  • By this point, everyone knows that James Cameron is the Magellan of the Mariana. But just how scientifically significant was the Titanic director’s adventure? “I don’t see any huge breakthroughs, but there’s potential for good science anyway,” writes EvanRWT, who then includes a long list of interesting hypotheticals. The takeaway? We don’t know how scientifically significant his journey is until he does it again (/r/askscience)

  • This redditor works at a psychiatric institution for schizophrenics that houses murderers and rapists. “Sometimes I get really fed up with a patient because they just can’t follow the damn rules, then I read their history and my heart breaks,” he writes. In parts, this isn’t the easiest AMA to read, but it sheds some light on a part of health care most people know very little about. (/r/IAmA)

  • Here’s a helpful piece of cooking advice for cash-strapped college students: drizzle an egg into your Ramen soup during the last 30 seconds of cooking. It adds some much-needed nutrition. (You do boil your own water when making Ramen, right?) Another piece of advice: Don’t use those spice packets that come with the noodles, unless you want to ingest enough sodium to kill a horse. (/r/LifeProTips)

  • Browsing Reddit all day is hard work. How bright should your monitor be to ensure optimum redditing comfort? “Current theories of ergonomics recommend reducing glare and taking breaks when prolonged monitor use is expected. Eyes strain does not permanently damage your eyes (no kids, reading in the dark won’t make you blind), just makes them dry and uncomfortable since the eye muscles are straining to maintain focus and you’re blinking less.” Well, there you have it. (/r/askscience)

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*First Published: Mar 28, 2012, 10:25 am CDT