Two women at cash register (l) Woman talking caption 'Let me just say thus. There is a LOT of prejudice going on between Hispanic and black people out here that I WASNT aware of b4 I got here' (r)

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‘For $5 bucks’: Worker says Karen racially harassed her co-worker over clearance prices

'Remind me to never work in retail.'


Victoria Gagliardo-Silver


Posted on Apr 28, 2022   Updated on May 2, 2022, 12:34 pm CDT

A manager on TikTok shared a storytime about a customer she describes as “delusional” harassing her employees.

Kaida, a creator with over 92,000 followers on TikTok, opened the three-part video series saying, “Listen, I love being delusional like the next bitch, fuck reality, but not like this.”

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She continues her story, detailing that two women came up to the register at a store she manages with bags from the clearance section. Kaida notes that these bags didn’t have tags where the price was clearly visible but that they were $5. However, she says the cashier at the register the two women arrived at didn’t know the price, which is where the issue arose.

“[The cashier] calls me, and I tell her it’s $5. The bags are usually $20, they’re $5. Instead of this lady being amazed at the speedy, fast customer service and professionalism of everything, she gets upset because she can’t understand why the bags are $5,” Kaida says.

Kaida then alleges that the woman proceeded to get upset with the cashier and claimed that she said “You people are always trying to cheat us,” in reference the Hispanic cashier. Kaida says the cashier told the woman she got the price from her manager, but the woman continued yelling at the employee and proceeded to follow the cashier as she walked away.

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Kaida says she then went over, seeing that the woman was harassing the cashier and reportedly starting to appear violent while making racist comments. As she approached the situation, she says the woman then tried to shift her anger to Kaida, asking her who she was and why she was attempting to get involved. She says she then proceeded to introduce herself as the manager.

Kaida says the woman continued to complain, claiming that the cashier pulled the $5 bag price “out of her ass.” Kaida says the woman then claimed that the cashier didn’t convey that information, despite Kaida hearing the entire incident. Kaida says she corrected the woman and that the woman seemed not to care as she continued to harass the Hispanic cashier.

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Kaida continues, “Her friend had to grab her because she starts making a move at the cashier again. At this point, I’m tired of talking to this lady, like do you want the bags for $5 or not? This is where the fucking delusion comes in because she literally looks at me and asked why the manager came over here anyway.”

Kaida then claims the woman claimed that their reaction was tantamount to racism and that they weren’t harassing the cashier but rather speaking among themselves. “You guys are always being racist towards us. We weren’t even arguing with her. We weren’t even yelling. We were just talking among each other. So we can’t even be loud and be Black?” Kaida recalls the women saying.

Kaida, who appears to be a woman of color herself, was shocked by this allegation.

She ends the storytime, saying, “Do you want to know what this all led up to? She wanted the bags for $1.”

Commenters and viewers were shocked by the story. 

One commenter said, “This is why I left customer service and the hospitality industry!” Others agreed, saying, “Honestly this would be the day I quit my retail job.”

The Daily Dot reached Kaida via Instagram message, but she was unable to comment on the story reportedly due to her job’s press policy.

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*First Published: Apr 28, 2022, 2:20 pm CDT