Streamer pleads with horny fans to stop sending her harassing ‘tributes’

Things escalated after her post went viral on Reddit.

Feb 14, 2020, 10:16 am*


Nahila Bonfiglio 

Nahila Bonfiglio

QuarterJade - Twitch


This streamer is regretting her words.

After an off-the-cuff comment was taken far too seriously by some of her followers, Twitch streamer QuarterJade is pleading with them to stop direct-messaging her their “tributes.”

Apparently aware of her potential as fodder in her followers’ solo V-Day plans, QuarterJade poked fun at them. This week she alluded to a popular meme that reads: “If you’ve ever masturbated to my pictures, you owe me a fucking Valentine’s Day gift.”

QuarterJade brought it up with her followers. “I think I really would like to say that,” she said in her JustChatting stream recently. “Like if you’ve masturbated to me you guys owe me… the tribute, OK? The fucking like $1 tribute thing. What is this, content for free?”

The clip landed in Reddit’s LiveStreamFail subreddit. There, commenters jested about QuarterJade’s wording. According to Urban Dictionary, a “tribute” is when you ejaculate onto a photo of your crush.

Comment from discussion .

In no time, QuarterJade’s direct messages were reportedly being harassed.

She was forced to address her comments in another video, posted on Thursday. “I would just like to say, if you’ve seen the clip: One, no I do not want your money,” she said. “Two, I don’t want your tributes. Three, please stop DMing me, OK? Just an announcement to make. I didn’t know, and I’m clarifying now!”

Hopefully, QuarterJade’s request is being heard.

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*First Published: Feb 14, 2020, 10:04 am