Virgin bride shows off her ‘certificate of purity’ on Instagram

Waiting to have sex until after you’re married is a decision made between a bride and a groom…and God…and the bride’s father…and the bride’s doctor, according to Brelyn Bowman.

Brelyn married Timothy Bowman, Jr. on October 10 in front of 3,500 guests. Like many brides, the newlywed shared a photo on her Instagram from the reception. Only in Brelyn’s case, the caption explained that she presented her father with “a certificate of purity to him signed by my doctor that my hymen was still intact.”

There’s no indication that Brelyn’s new husband was asked to present a similar certificate.

Bowman’s father is Dr. Mike Freeman, the Founder and Pastor of Spirit of Faith Christian Center (SOFCC) in Maryland. He also hosts television and radio broadcasts called “Living by Faith.” According to his personal Instagram, Freeman is in disbelief that his daughter’s pledge of purity is causing such an uproar. Maybe if they were more spiritual, he muses, they would understand.

Or maybe his critics are just kind of sad.

On the couple’s wedding website, a video entitled “Thank you from the Bowmans” starts off with a visual of a certificate that Bowman signed for her father back in 2006. In the video, Bowman reads it aloud, stating that she will, “Abstain from fornication (rubbing and petting) but I will keep myself until I am united in marriage to the young man that God is preparing for me.”

You might be wondering, Why is it the business of a married woman’s father whether or not she’s a virgin?

Dr. Faith Wokoma, a psychologist, minister and founder of Warring Ministries International, wrote on her personal blog, “I do not know the girl personally, so I can not tell why for sure, but I can go into some of the Biblical significance of your virginity, and why it was her daddy’s business after all.” She points to a passage from Deuteronomy as proof of this, and also explains the purpose of a certificate of this kind—honor, devotion, and protection, chief among them.

The newlyweds are lapping up media attention over Bre’s ‘certificate of purity,’ with Dr. Freeman posting on his Instagram “Break The Internet Tim & Bre!”

H/T NY Post | Photo via Dr. Mike Freeman/Instagram

Marisa Kabas

Marisa Kabas

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