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‘Truly unserious people’: TERF slammed for claiming that women wash their underwear in public bathrooms

'Ma’am that’s a full stall with a full door.'


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Posted on Dec 7, 2023

A trans-exclusionary radical feminist (TERF) is facing backlash on X after claiming that women wash out their underwear in public bathrooms.

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The discourse began on Dec. 3 when X user Lisa Keogh (@keogh1992x) posted a thread about the unisex bathrooms at her son’s new school with photos of the bathrooms. The walls are painted in rainbow colors with an area for sinks and several stalls with full-coverage doors that span nearly from the floor to the ceiling.

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“I asked a few questions about this, more so how young girls are with this set up, seeing there in an inch thick door giving them minimal privacy,” Keogh wrote.

She explained that upon accosting a teacher, she was informed that the students had voted to approve the unisex bathrooms. Keogh took issue with this, claiming that students were being influenced by “peer pressure” to vote in favor of the bathrooms.

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Upon learning that a teacher would be on standby to watch over the bathroom and ensure that “nothing bad would happen,” Keogh decried teachers displaying their pronouns on the doors of their classrooms. She insisted that her child would not be “forced into compelled speech.”

By Thursday, Keogh’s post had amassed over 1,700 quotes on X, many of whom were criticizing her for her transphobic comments and accusations regarding the safety of unisex bathrooms.

X user Celia (@_celia_bedelia_) called out Keogh for her description of the door as offering insufficient privacy for girls.

“Ma’am that’s a full stall with a full door,” Celia wrote. “Get a f***ing life.”

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Her post quickly went viral, climbing to over 105,000 likes by Thursday.

In response, another self-professed radical feminist, @AConcernedParent2 quipped, “Where do girls wash up if they have a period accident?”

Celia again spoke out, quoting @AConcernedParent2.

“I’m begging y’all to understand that even as teenagers we just mummy wrapped our undies in toilet paper and tied a shirt around our waist if it got through to our pants,” she wrote in her post, which by Thursday had over 134,000 likes. “We never stood a** out in the bathroom washing our bloody clothes in the sink.”

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This incident is far from the first time that TERFs have raised the question of the safety, or alleged lack thereof, of unisex bathrooms. In August, Celia again squared up against TERFs raising the same issue.

Controversial writer and X personality AJ Kay (@AJKayWriter), whose platform focuses on sharing anti-vaccine ideology and anti-trans manifestos, has been accusing trans women of committing sexual assault against cisgender women in public restrooms since at least November 2022.

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In August, Celia called out Kay for her hyperbolic claims, involving one post in particular in which Kay claimed that women need privacy in public restrooms to deal with “accidents.” The feud continued: Kay accused Celia and other “TRAs” (trans rights activists) of “[shaming] those dealing with feminine hygiene issues.”

Celia clapped back, getting straight to the point: “No one [is] shaming you for ‘dealing with feminine hygiene’ issues, lady,” she wrote. “We’re shaming you for using those issues to be a f*cking BIGOT and admit you do weird things in public restrooms.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Celia via X direct message.

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*First Published: Dec 7, 2023, 3:29 pm CST

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