woman finger pointing to female deodorant cost "6.99" at Target (l) Men's and Women's deodorant side by side in cart at Target (c) woman pointing to price of male deodorant "4.99" (r)


‘The world hates women’: TikToker shows $2 price difference between men’s and women’s deodorant at Target

'It’s the pink tax!'


Brooke Sjoberg


Posted on Jul 2, 2022   Updated on Jul 2, 2022, 3:06 pm CDT

While purchasing body care products, many customers may encounter a Pink Tax, a price discrepancy between products intended for use by a man or woman. One TikToker points out another alleged example of the Pink Tax, showing a $2 price difference between a men’s and women’s variety of the same deodorant brand at Target.

@sreyaadus the pink tax is real!! #waronwomen #pinktax #whatsascam #scam #womenvsmen #pinktaxsucks #deodorant #mensdeodorant ♬ original sound – Sreya A

In her video, TikToker Sreya (@sreyaadus) shows viewers the identical products, pointing out the price difference.

“On today’s episode of, ‘The World Hates Women,’ I’m at Target, and look what I found,” she says. “These two deodorants, this one I got from the men’s section, cedar wood sage, look at the packaging, and then this one is from the women’s section. Look at the packaging, the only difference is that this one has the cute pink bunny on the front for women and the scent is different.”

Sreya then shows the listed prices for the two gendered deodorants stocked at Target.

“Guess what else is different?” she continues. “This one from the women’s section is $6.99. Let me go to the men’s section. $4.99. Two dollars less for the same exact thing. Scam. The world hates women.”

Some commenters shared their own experiences of price differences between products marketed along the gender binary.

“So true literally started buying mens deodorant too, they also have more aluminum free options!” one commenter wrote.

“Our shampoo is more expensive,” another commenter wrote. “Same thing with having clothes laundered at the cleaners.”

“Buy your sweatpants in men’s department,” a commenter wrote. “Always so much cheaper.”

Others pointed out that the price online for both varieties of the Hey Human deodorant had been raised to $6.99, suggesting that the $4.99 label was simply outdated. Currently, all Hey Human brand deodorant shows a $6.99 price tag on the Target website.

“Well at my target they’re not separated at all, and all the same price,” one commenter wrote. “Its a really good deodorant too by the way the only one I use now.”

“Bunny is in on both,” another commenter wrote. “The cap just twists, so it’s on the back, you showed it in the video. Price used to be $4.99, it went up for all. Tag is wrong.”

“They are both $6.99 on the app,” a commenter wrote. “I wonder what the price is if you scan it.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Sreya via Instagram DM and Target directly via email.

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*First Published: Jul 2, 2022, 3:05 pm CDT