Is Pornhub Premium worth it?

It's less than what you're paying for Netflix.

Mar 25, 2020, 12:33 pm*


John-Michael Bond 

John-Michael Bond

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Pornhub has simplified the world of online pornography, opening the door to every legal kink to every porn viewer with access to a browser. Rather than pay for one site with limited focus, Pornhub offers a cornucopia of options, stars, and styles. It’s where amateur porn, hardcore porn stars, and clips of Hollywood movies all live in perfect harmony. With so much to offer for free, why should you consider coughing up money for Pornhub Premium? Quality.

Pornhub’s free service is a half measure, providing a previously unthinkable amount of content while barely scratching the surface of the site’s potential. Here’s what you’re missing out on by not subscribing to Pornhub Premium.  

Pornhub Premium is free for coronavirus prevention

Pornhub is encouraging viewers to self-isolate and prevent the spread of coronavirus, and it’s offering a major incentive: Starting this week, anyone can access for Pornhub Premium for free for a full month. Even better, there’s no credit card number required. Simply head to the Pornhub Premium sign-up page, commit to self-isolation (or self-distancing), share your email, and enjoy premium selections—all for the very low cost of free.

Pornhub Premium cost

While Pornhub itself is free, if you want to unlock all of the perks of Pornhub Premium, you’ll need to invest in the service. A Pornhub Premium subscription costs $9.99 per month or $7.99 per month when you buy a year up front for $95.88. Occasionally the site offers gifts and promotions when you sign up, like 30 percent off an annual subscription or unlocking its full porn network for life. If you have the patience, it’s worth waiting for the right deal. 

If you’re on a Pornhub Premium free trial and decide you want to move a full year plan, talk to customer support. They will sometimes help you get access to even better deals. Keep in mind: This is up to the individual support tech to help you. Be nice and you might be surprised at what happens. 

pornhub premium


Pornhub Premium benefits

Here are seven convincing reasons why you should consider Pornhub Premium.

1) Improved video library

While Pornhub’s standard free library is vast, you’ll probably notice after a period of use that there are tons of abbreviated videos. You’ll get five minutes into a scene only to discover it doesn’t have the ending. Pornhub Premium users rarely run into that problem, thanks to its incredible, curated selection of HD porn content. Pornhub features partnered content from big studios like Brazzers, Vixen, Team Skeet, Teen Fidelity, Fake Taxi,, Reality Kings, Nubile Films, Digital Playground, and more.  

The vast majority of Premium content comes in glorious full 1080p HD or 4K Ultra HD, meaning your days of grainy ripped clips are over. Premium users can also download Pornhub content in HD, unlike normal users who can only grab standard definition files. It’s important to remember that individual channels can block the download feature. However, that doesn’t mean Pornhub skimps on downloads.

Premium subscribers get access to Pornhub’s entire 30,000-plus library of full-length DVDs for streaming and downloading. Mixing low-budget movies with studio productions from the likes of Digital Playground and New Sensations, you can download a lifetime’s worth of porn in one month from this section alone.

More importantly, you’ll never click on a video only to find out it’s locked for anyone who isn’t a Premium subscriber ever again.

2) No ads

Pornhub is one of the better streaming sites when it comes to ads, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have annoy ads. Seriously, go to hell pop-ups. Premium subscribers are finally free of the scourge of Pornhub pop-ups, and all of the potentially malicious ads and malware that can come with it.

3) Support for VR

This feature is available to all users, even if they’re not Premium, but subscribers get added content. Pornhub features almost 1,000 Premium-exclusive VR porn scenes, with over 450 of those in 4K Ultra HD. Pornhub VR content works with Oculus, PlayStation VR, Google Cardboard, VIVE, and Samsung Gear VR systems, so most VR capable homes should be supported. Not sure what VR system is right for you? Here are our picks for the  best VR headsets for porn.


4) Smart sex toy support

Do you have a Bluetooth sex toy? Pornhub is ready to play, with hundreds of videos supporting teledildonics. This isn’t a Premium feature, but it’s worth supporting the company for keeping futurist porn fans in mind. I mean, they help your sex toy talk with your porn. What more can you ask for?

5) Improved security  

When you subscribed to Pornhub Premium, it’s billed via Probiller, so you won’t have any embarrassing charges on your credit card. Pornhub Premium content browsing is also encrypted using HTTPS protocol. Should you ever encounter any problems, your Premium membership comes with 24/7 customer support.

6) Extra features

Along with your Pornhub Premium, subscribers get Premium accounts on RedTube and YouPorn included in the cost of membership. Should you not be able to find something on Pornhub, your subscription dollars give you options. Premium members also get special status in the comments section of the site, with a Premium tag added to your posts and profile. Don’t want people to be able to see your profile? Premium users can hide their account from other members.  

7) Porn on Roku

Pornhub’s free app is available on Roku, but all of the best porn content is hidden locked behind Pornhub Premium. Membership makes it easy to watch high-quality porn on your big screen.

Is Pornhub Premium worth it?

The average porn VHS or DVD cost anywhere from $19.99 to $59.99 back when you had to buy porn in physical form. Meanwhile subscribing to a name-brand porn site can cost up to $29.99 each month. For less than the cost of Netflix, Pornhub gives the most content and variety of content of any porn site on the internet. Gay, straight, fetish, interactive sex toys, VR, great sports jokes: Pornhub offers it all. 

Paying for porn shouldn’t be a splurge. It’s part of participating in an economy that respects sex workers and performers as human beings. At just $9.99 per month, Pornhub offers a way to pay for your porn without breaking the bank. 

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