Pornhub’s traffic took a dip upon the release of Fallout 4

Pornhub collects interesting stats on its viewers using Google Analytics. On Nov. 10, the day Bethesda Games released its latest and greatest installment in the Fallout franchise, Pornhub saw a dip in its traffic of gamers. Pornhub speculates that gamers were too busy playing with their joysticks to, well, you know the rest.

“Thanks to the nifty (and entirely anonymized) ‘affinity’ data that Google Analytics provides, we can see that many of our 60 million daily visitors are interested in gaming, based on their Google search and web browsing habits,” the blog post reads.

They displayed the traffic shifts over time in the graph below. The dots above and below the lines show the positive and negative changes in traffic from the average viewership of this demographic.

Pornhub Insights

The data only show the 28-hour period following the Fallout 4 release, so we don’t know how it compares to other game-release data or the typical ebb and flow of visitors on any given Tuesday.

In other words, correlation isn’t causation. So it’s impossible to say that Fallout 4 is definitely behind this dip in traffic, but it certainly is interesting.

H/T Venturebeat | Photo via BagoGames/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Cynthia McKelvey

Cynthia McKelvey

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