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‘He delivered the pizza AND the TEA’: Customer accidentally gets her pizza delivered to her ex’s house

‘I love how invested he was.’


Sarah Kester


While most people stalk their exes online for all the tea, one woman had an unlikely source: her pizza delivery driver. 

The viral clip posted by user Deanna (@deannanicole96) on Feb. 16 showed the Guida’s Pizzeria delivery man on what looks like a doorbell cam. The Daily Dot reached out to Deanna via TikTok comment. 

The delivery worker began by explaining that the ex and the new girl in his life were confused about why a pizza order was being delivered to them.  

“The girl comes and she’s like, ‘Well, is there a name with the order?’” the worker recalled. When he revealed who the pizza was for, the girl gasped and replied, “That’s his ex-girlfriend. Oh, my God, is that because she saw you today?”


When your pizza mistakenly gets delivered to your ex’s house. I will never recover 💀

♬ original sound – Deanna Warren

This juicy piece of information prompted a massive response from Deanna and her friends. They all screamed, “What?!” at the same time. 

“Yeah, that’s what she said,” the delivery worker replied with a laugh, clearly loving being the messenger. “The drama continues!”

He then revealed that it was actually his last day working and that the day had been eventful. In addition to delivering food to two wrong addresses—including Deanna’s—he had fallen in the shop and cut his hand. 

Since the girls didn’t want him to strain his arm any longer, they took the pizza and even offered him a drink. “You want to come take a shot?” one of the girls asked. 

“Oh, my God, that would be amazing, but thank you. I appreciate it,” the man replied. 

By Monday, Deanna’s video had been viewed more than 16.7 million times. The pizza delivery worker was an instant icon to those who loved his reaction.

“I LOVE THIS HAHAHAAHAHAHA,” one wrote. “omg thats awesome. hes soooo into it,” another added with laughing emoji. 

“Delivery man having the time of his life best last day ever,” commented a third. 

Everyone agreed that he deserved a big tip: “He delivered the pizza along with THE TEA SKSKSKSKS hope they gave him a big tip.”

“And I love the way he telling everything , would have gave him the best tip,” another wrote. 

They were obsessed with his commitment to the tea. “I love how invested he was. He was like, ‘I will see this all the way through….’” a user commented. 


One of the best parts was how the drama turned his lousy day around: “The driver was having a rough day and now he’s having a great day,” a person wrote. 

Finally, a viewer shared that delivery drivers often get all the tea from customers. “I have a friend who was a pizza delivery guy and he always had the best stories,” she wrote. 

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