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You can now get TikTok’s viral Pink Sauce at Walmart

The viral sensation is back—and FDA-approved.


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This story was originally published on Passionfruit.

Remember that viral “Pink Sauce” which took over TikTok and Twitter in July 2022?

The fluorescent condiment, which amassed millions of TikTok views when it was first mentioned on the app back in June 2022, is set to roll out in no less than 4,300 Walmart stores all over the United States after Chef Pii, the creator of the sauce, entered into a partnership with Dave’s Gourmet LLC.

This comes nearly six months after the sauce became embroiled in controversy over the safety and distribution of the product.

After the Pink Sauce went viral in June, Chef Pii (@chef.pii) shipped bottles of the product from her own online store. However, as previously reported by Passionfruit, concerns and complaints soon came flooding in.

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