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This company wants to wrap Christmas presents in your insufferable Instagram photos

Because everyone wants to wake up on Christmas morning and see their obnoxious selfies under the tree.


Mike Fenn


Imagine waking up on Christmas morning, peering under your tree, and seeing piles of gifts wrapped in that photo you took of your dinner last night.

Picpaperie is a new project that will create wrapping paper out of pictures on your Instagram feed. The concept, which is being operated by San Francisco company Northern Imagination, is currently seeking funds on Indiegogo.

“We thought it would it awesome to be able to take our favorite Instagram photos & turn them into something that can make gifts even more personal—something unique you can give to others that represents your relationship with them,” the creators wrote on the Indiegogo page.

After all, why wrap that new pair of shoes or Playstation 4 in lame snowman art when you could cover it in, for example, a severed Barbie head?

The promotional image for the company looks gorgeous. Unfortunately, it also looks nothing at all like what you usually see on Instragram.

Photo via Picpaperie/Indiegogo

Since its debut in 2010, a lot of content has been uploaded to Instagram. We dug through some exhibits from its extensive gallery that we would like to see turned into wrapping paper.

Photo via Chief Keef/Instagram

Photo via Funkyopictures/Instagram

Photo by mrgwincredible/Instagram

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