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Couple shuts down nosy baby questions with puppy photo shoot

Effective and adorable.

Feb 29, 2020, 9:12 pm*


Marisa Kabas 

Marisa Kabas

“When am I getting a grandchild?” is the single-most irritating question a couple can get. And one such couple, sick of getting asked by their parents if a bun would soon be in the oven, staged a photo shoot to shut them up once and for all. 

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Australian couple Matt Kay and Abby Lee do not currently have any children. They do, however, have a precious new dog named Humphry. On the drive home from picking him up at the breeder, their photographer friend Elisha Minnette came up with the idea for the cheeky photo shoot.

From there, they set up the shoot wherein Humphry took the place of a baby, in positions so often seen replicated with newborns babies.

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 “Abby and I have the craziest sense of humor and we feed off of each other with ideas,” Minnette told BuzzFeed.
“The shoot was hilarious. Everything went so smoothly. The pup was enjoying every second of it, and all the treats he was getting!” 

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“The shoot was hilarious. Everything went so smoothly,” she continued. “We did this shoot just for a little bit of humor between ourselves, as well as for those that share the same sense of humor as us.”

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The next time your parents, your in-laws, or any other annoying family members ask you if you plan on having any kids, pick up a camera, point to your pet, and reply “We already do.”

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H/T BuzzFeed | Photo via Elisha Minnette/Facebook

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*First Published: Aug 21, 2015, 7:00 pm

Marisa Kabas

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Marisa Kabas