Pete Wentz half-black

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People are just now finding out that Pete Wentz is half-Black

And they’re freaking out.


Moises Mendez II


Fall Out Boy vocalized its support for the Black Lives Matter movement in a statement posted to Twitter on Tuesday and committed to donate $100,000. As the retweets rolled in, people remembered that bassist Pete Wentz is half-Black.

In the statement, the band wrote, “We support the black community in the struggle against racial inequality, injustice, and police brutality by committing to donating $100,000 from the Fall Out Boy fund.” The statement continued, “We will begin with donations to National Bail Out and Black Visions Collective. We realize this is a marathon and plan to continue and expand our support.”

Twitter user @chanceharbour quoted the tweet and commented, “people forget that pete wentz is half black and that fall out boy has always been anti-racism and pro-lgbtq.” The user also reminded people that Fall Out Boy “showed kaepernick kneeling at their shows.”

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According to Wikipedia, Wentz’s father is “of English and German descent,” and his mother is Afro-Jamaican.

Other Twitter users remembered Wentz’s early days on the punk scene with his second band Racetraitor, which formed in 1996 with Wentz as a bassist. The group’s first album was called “Burn the Idol of the White Messiah.”

A review on said in its lyrics, Racetraitor “attacks colonialism, slavery, non-Muslim organized religion, but is best when articulating a poetic, rebellious ire.”

Wentz left the band and formed Fall Out Boy in 2001.


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