young woman with 10 dollar tip on $361 bill


‘I’m finna quit’: Server says table of 21 waited over an hour before they ordered—then tipped her $10

‘Then they finally got sat down, and they got the nerve to be rushing me.’


Rebekah Harding


A server says that a party of 21 “church people” tipped her $10 after waiting an hour to order in a now-viral two-part TikTok storytime.

In the video posted by TikToker Shanell (@spotlightshanell) on Mar. 5, she says that the party originally asked for a table for 13 people but then continued to add chairs as more people arrived, resulting in a 21-person party total. She says they also opted to wait for the entire party to arrive before placing their order.

“Then they finally got sat down, and they got the nerve to be rushing me,” she says in the clip. “Like… if these people don’t tip me…”

@spotlightshanell and got the nerve to be impatient….I need them to get THE FCKKKK 😭 #spotlightshanell #fyp #serverlife ♬ original sound – Spotlight Shanell 💕

In the second video, she shows the table’s receipt, showing that they only tipped her $10 on a $350 check, which is less than 3%.

@spotlightshanell Replying to @user9334915292224 bro… im finna quit. And this man is a MINISTER!!!! #spotlightshanell #fyp #serverlife ♬ original sound – Spotlight Shanell 💕

In the comments section, users discussed tipping etiquette, especially for larger parties.

“Y’all don’t do automatic 18% gratuity for parties over 6 ppl? Even if they all gave you $5 each that would’ve been better,” one commenter wrote.

“The $10 tip after all that is WILD. He didn’t even give you a dollar per person you served,” another said.

“This is why places automatically put gratuity in that’s messed up,” a third added.

Other servers said they’ve had similar experiences with church groups who come in large parties after their church service.

“Oh no! See this EXACTLY why I don’t take the church groups. No I’m not helping either. That’s trifling fr,” a user said.

“I remember my first job, I was excited for Sunday bc I thought surely everyone would be so kind. My coworkers looked at me with pity, I was so naive,” another wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to Shanell via email.

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