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What’s cooking on Youtube?
Here we are, in a weird digital age where most of us young folk don’t know how to cook. Thankfully the good citizens of YouTube have stepped in, and in many cases, reinvented the cooking show. Yes, there are plenty of cooking shows on YouTube, but the Daily Dot thought to highlight the more unusual ones. 
Finding justice online
When a man felt like he could not get justice, his friends turned to Reddit. They listened. 
Great Peanuts goodies (for peanuts!)
To mark the day that Charles M. Schultz got a star in Hollywood, we show some of the best Peanuts stuff on Etsy.
Inside Russia’s drug habit
A Reddit user reports firsthand on the effects of a new drug sweeping through Russia and Ukraine.
Who should die? The Internet votes
Redditors discuss which 10 percent of the population should be trimmed.
Reddit Global Meetup Day, the Monday after
Redditors from over 160 locations around the world congregated on Saturday for Global Reddit Meetup Day, the once-a-year event that encourages the often-reclusive users of the social news site to get together socially.
Redditors invade Governors Island
Nearly 40 members of social news site Reddit congregated on a corner of New York City’s Governors Island earlier today, where they tossed a frisbee, ate muffins, played whiffle ball, and chatted about topics ranging from video games to programming to New York University.
Happy Arbitrary Day! Did you get your gift?
Arbitrary Day, an excuse to give strangers on the Internet gifts, has a detractor. Who doesn't like gifts?
Yesterday’s Trash is this woman’s treasure
Etsy artist Michelle Renée Bernard now works fulltime on Etsy, selling her crafts.
Artist turns trash into treasures
Michelle Renée Bernard's Etsy show features found objects crafted into art.
“Type-Writer” still clicks
Typewriters may be old technology, but they're all the rage on the Web's hippest handicrafts site.
General Electric turns boring into beautiful
General Electric makes nearly everything: light bulbs, diesel locomotives, nuclear reactors, medical imaging equipment—and the list goes on. But making pretty pictures for Tumblr? GE's journey into social media is far more arresting than you'd think.
Looking for “porn” online
Sure, there's porn on the Internet—but for the luscious, nonsexual images some call "porn," Reddit's a good place to start.
Hidden treasure for the stylish video gamer
Get your video-game gear on Etsy—at least it's handmade.
Redditors debunk plea for help from homeless man
Reddit doesn’t like being tricked. And, they will use their collective investigative Internet powers to expose you.
Finding support for addiction
Redditor FeliciaMaria posted a video of a meth addict because her own addiction frightened her. The reaction surprised her.
Just when you thought it was safe to shop
In celebration of the anniversary of the seminal movie Jaws, we test the waters at Etsy.
The best of Father’s Day
Father's Day doesn't get the saccharine mainstream-media treatment other holidays receive -- leaving online communities free to tell true tales of fatherhood.