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The sky is falling, “U mad bro?”
NASA's 20 year-old UARS satellite weighs 6 tons, and it's falling towards Earth at an alarming speed. The odds of being hit in the head by are infentesimal -- which is exactly why few are taking the event seriously.
Fired Starbucks barista: I was just venti-ing
Christopher Christwell says he's a "people pleaser." So why is he still in a froth about the coffee chain's customers?
People rally to save death-row inmate Troy Davis
Many say Georgia is about to execute an innocent man. They're taking to Twitter and elsewhere to try to save the life of Troy Davis.
Gay soldier keeps his promise to come out to fans, parents
AreYouSuprised has been chronicling what it's like to be gay and closeted in the military. But on the first day of the repeal of the military's policy, "don't ask, don't tell," he reveals his identity and comes out to his parents.  
Reality hits you hard, bro
George Lindell described his accident and is now a cult hero. Really.
Old is sometimes better
This is what happens when people with a sense of humor inadvertently get recorded while setting up a webcam. 
Talk Like a Pirate Day goes corporate
Will Talk Like a Pirate Day still be fun now that business has taken it over?
Crash footage and condolences shared
When stunt airplanes crashed over the weekend, people flocked to YouTube to view footage and offer condolences.
Missoni here. Missoni there. Missoni everywhere (but Target)
If you were disappointed by the lack of Missoni availability at Target, have no fear. You can get your fix on Etsy or eBay, but you might have to pay or settle for cute knock-offs.
Mexico’s drug war threatens Web
A man and a woman were apparently killed for their online protests of the country's drug cartels.
Tweeter documents closing time for Borders
The  tweeter for the New York City Border's chronicled the store's closing -- in all its sadness.
Alzheimer’s more complicated than 700 Club soundbite
TV evangelist Pat Robertson’s comments about Alzheimer’s drew fire Thursday. Experts say the issues are more complex than a soundbite or tweet can explain.
Tweet profits
A London hedge fund seeks an advantage through analyzing messages on Twitter.
Believe in the Amazing Atheist
The Amazing Atheist talks about his celebrity on YouTube, including fringe benefits.
The objects of our affections
Connecting with others isn't without its trials, as cam girls, Tiffany Shlain, and the Best Roommate Ever show.
A peep inside the camming business
Cam girls are more popular now than ever before. An insider shares what happens behind the screen.
American Apparel contest spoiler gets the most votes
Nancy Upton entered American Apparel's The Next Big Thing contest as a form of protest, then she won. Will American Apparel acknowledge her?
Is hashtag funny, racist or maybe all of the above?
When the hashtag "blackparentsquotes" started trending on Twitter, some worried that it could lead to racism.