For some, it's just another Friday. But for a lot folks, 11-11-11 has special meaning. 

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Lauren Rae Orsini

Today is November 11, 2011, or more simply, 11/11/11.

This auspicious day has struck a chord with several of the communities the Daily Dot covers. Here’s what some of them are saying.


As usual, Twitterers have taken the occasion to crack a few jokes.

“Tomorrow is 11/11/11, not 11/11/11. Bloody Americans,” wrote @laurenme0w in a tweet that was retweeted more than 12,000 times.

“At exactly 11:11:11 tomorrow we should all look up the word ‘arbitrary’ in the dictionary,” tweeted @GuyEndorKaiser.

Math nerds are having a field day as well.

“#111111= An almost black colour,” tweeted @Muzbot.

“Tomorrow is 63. (Binary 111111) Just saying,” tweeted @dsearls.


Over a million Facebook users have RSVP’d yes to a public event called most epic wish ever (11/11/11 at 11:11).

“Since 11:11 is the best time for wishing, this day will be pretty epic,” wrote the group’s creators.

Here’s hoping some Facebook users’ dreams come true.


11/11/11 marks a very special day for r/gaming. Reddit’s video-game community has been counting down the days until now. This just happens to be the date that the video game,  The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is released.

This long-awaited sequel has secured most of the top spots in the subreddit (and some on the front page) as redditors list their Skyrim plans, while also altering images of Dovahkin (the game’s protagonist), and counting down the minutes until they can play.

“You get my upvote for being the first person I’ve seen all day that mentioned games besides Skyrim,” commented one redditor who was already tired of the hype.


The hacker community also has big plans for the evening of 11/11/11.

YouTube channel TheBlackTriangleTv released a video titled “Night of a Thousand Masks.”

Done in the style of a movie preview, the cryptic video features a voiceover from Charlie Chaplin’s final speech in The Great Dictator set to a collage of video and and still clips.

Toward the end, the video intersperses still frames of a Guy Fawkes mask—Anonymous’s symbol—with the text “11/11/11” or “Night of a Thousand Masks.” Skip to 2:00 for the first still. It’s unclear what this may mean, but it appears to be a call to action to wear masks.

“I ordered a mask last night. Can’t wait til Friday!” said one anonymous commenter.

The video has received 25,000 hits, but we won’t know until tonight if this particular operation was enacted.

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*First Published: Nov 11, 2011, 9:00 am