BBC journalist Robert Kelly, viral, wife not nanny

Screengrab via Phillip Lewis/Twitter Image via @angelinacho/Twitter

No, the woman in the viral BBC video of interrupting kids is not the nanny

Consider why you thought that.


Jessica Machado


If you want to make assumptions or poke holes in anything that’s cute or funny or relatively journalistic, take it to Twitter. Like this viral video of BBC journalist Robert Kelly being interrupted by his kids during an on-air segment.

While the most distracting thing to me is the cool, casual way that tiny baby rolls up in the office, others have had different reactions. For instance, assuming the woman in the video was the kids’ nanny. (Spoiler: She’s their mom.)

People have been commenting on this problematic assumption for awhile, before the woman was verified by the Daily Mail as their mother, Jung-a Kim. Many on Twitter have argued that jumping to the conclusion that an Asian woman who wrangles children for a white man must be a nanny is nothing short of racist.

Women, especially women in journalism, have also pointed out that the entire thing is a double-standard—it’s adorable when a man brings children to the office, maybe even pushes them aside to work, but when a woman does it, it’s a non-thing. Maybe it’s even considered neglect.

In related news, just the other day, my husband told me someone on the street stopped him while he was holding hands with our son to say how cute our kid is. However, I can’t think of one time when this has happened to me. No one is more invisible than a woman being a mother to her child.

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