No Shave November getting hairy

There are still more than 20 dudes vying to win the Daily Dot's No Shave November competition. Check them out in all their hirsute splendor.

Mar 3, 2020, 10:39 am*



Fernando Alfonso III

No Shave November is only a week and a half old and the Daily Dot’s competition is heating up.

Of the 47 contestants, 20 have been disqualified for failing to update their Tumblr blogs with photos of their beards—or they’ve completely shaved their faces. The rest of the competitors have updated their blogs at least once while some have provided multiple photos of their beard growth.

We’re still working on what the grand prize will be but in the meantime, check out this article on beard grooming techniques that will help make your facial hair pop.

Here’s how our competitors are doing:

  • The angels have the phone box—After a week of no shaving, Jon was sporting some serious facial hair, but had to shave it off on Nov. 10 for a job interview. DISQUALIFIED.
  • Insert cunning title here—As of Nov. 4, Chase Fisher has been growing that beard proudly. No other photo updates provided.
  • Imran—No new photo updates. DISQUALIFIED
  • You may say I’m a dreamer, I’m not —No new photo updates. DISQUALIFIED
  • Sync with me—As of Nov. 5, it looks like Phil has been growing out his beard. No photo updates since then.
  • Push the limits—Still in the race for the prize.
  • The laboratory—No new photo updates. DISQUALIFIED
  • Beefcake Pantyhose—Photo update provided, but there’s no timestamp. Come on, Beefcake Pantyhose. Get it together.
  • Doctor Hipster’s Office—At least three photo updates from Doctor Hipster shoots him the top of the list!
  • Saiyman—No new photo updates. DISQUALIFIED
  • Last chance to back outAt least three photo updates in the last 10 days shoots “Last chance to back out” to the top of the list!
  • Just a man and his dogs—A man, a dog and his beard. A handful of photo updates over the last 10 days has “Just a man and his dogs” still in the hunt for the price.
  • Quentin the man—No new photo updates. DISQUALIFIED
  • Don’t Blink(182) Cuz You Might Just Miss It—No new photo updates. DISQUALIFIED
  • Variables—There’s some stubble coming in over at Variables.
  • El tumblr de Blake—No new photo updates. DISQUALIFIED
  • If life is but a dream, what shall we wake up to?—Solid beard coming through.
  • Get Bofucked—Growing a beard slowly, but surely, will keep you in the running for the No Beard November contest.
  • Hi, It’s Jared—Some beards just take longer to grow.
  • PlanetRetaliate—That’s a solid looking beard.
  • Like the thing Batman drives now—Growing a beard can cause people to make funny faces.
  • Anunt Singh—Stubble can be itchy.
  • Alone for now—Beard GIF image, righteous!
  • Hail to the king, baby—A little stubble.
  • Don’t look back—Red beard coming in strong.
  • Gallifreyanboy—Either this guys facial hair grows at the speed of a sloth or he shaved. DISQUALIFIED
  • Are you master of your domain?—No new photo updates. DISQUALIFIED
  • Saint and Sinner—Give it time. The beard will grow.
  • No shave NovemberFive updates in less than 10 days. To the top of the list!
  • Gone With The Wind— No new photo updates. DISQUALIFIED
  • Ruthless—No new photo updates. DISQUALIFIED
  • What’s up Nathan—Beard updates galore over at “What’s up Nathan.” To the top!
  • Nattyshags—No new photo updates. DISQUALIFIED
  • Sandi Seal Says—No new photo updates. DISQUALIFIED
  • What could ever stop us?—Four updates and not much beard to speak of.
  • My favorite words—Just a man with his beard (and four photo updates!)
  • The New Kid on The Block—In terms of beard fullness, this guy might be winning.
  • Death League—No new photo updates. DISQUALIFIED
  • The beard adventures—Blog won’t load. DISQUALIFIED
  • Brandon—No new photo updates. DISQUALIFIED
  • Chimie45 -A whole lot of beard going on at Chimie45.
  • Mark just owned your face—Mark just owned his beard.
  • Pop Scenesters—Trimming a beard is acceptable and in this case, encouraged.
  • Carlos Munroy—Ben’s beard is coming in strong.
  • Benjamin Undirected—No new photo updates. DISQUALIFIED
  • Lights out Poughkeepsie—No new photo updates. DISQUALIFIED

Photo by Jason (Just a man and his dog)

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*First Published: Nov 11, 2011, 8:55 pm