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Black Friday shoppers annihilated a Nike store

How does it even get to this point?


Jessica Machado


There are two types of holiday shoppers: the lazy bums who open their laptops and click “buy” on whatever decent crap is 30 percent off (ahem, me) and the chaos seekers who love the rush of a pillaging through stores for a bargain. 

The latter showed up to this Nike outlet store in Tulalip, Washington, on Black Friday. And they did not hold back.

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Between the destruction, the debris, and the solemn, zombie-like way shoppers are stepping over orange boxes, it looks like the Nike Factory Store was ravaged by a natural disaster. 

An anonymous employee told BuzzFeed News that about 20,000 shoppers walked through the store that day and called the scene “Jurassic Park crazy.”

I’d like to offer my condolences to all the employees who had to clean up this nightmare. May they get very generous holiday bonuses this year.  

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