two people who are members of a neo-Nazi group


Antifa says neo-Nazis keep trolling leftist coronavirus charities

A member of a neo-Nazi group appears to have created a fake profile to request money.


Sierra Juarez


Posted on Apr 6, 2020   Updated on Apr 6, 2020, 9:00 pm CDT

A couple participating in a racist, anti-immigrant organization is allegedly requesting money from leftist mutual aid funds created to help people during the coronavirus pandemic.


The Twitter account for Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists (Antifa) shared screenshots of Edward Wayne Lif and Jamie Rae Henry requesting money.

“Given the totally normal nature of their existence, it comes as absolutely no surprise that during a time of worldwide crisis and pandemic that they would be spending their free time trolling mutual aid collectives across the country,” the Antifa group posted.

The two were reportedly members of Soldiers of Odin, a neo-Nazi group that began in Finland in 2015 in response to a rising number of refugees and migrants.

Facebook screenshots show the couple organized a regional meeting and “camping trip” for the Soldiers of Odin, and a YouTube video shows them participating in a street vigilante patrol.

The Colorado Springs Antifa group shared a long list of aliases the couple is using––including the username Eddie the Peace of Sh*t.

A picture from a mutual aid project in Pennsylvania shows a profile with the name Eddy Lif requesting $100. The account uses a leftist anarchy symbol for its profile picture.

“I’m in desperate need of help with bills and food my phone is shut off I need my phone turned on so I can talk to my sick wife and my pregnant daughter who live with me,” the request reads. “We’re out of hygiene products basically we’re out of everything, and I have been selling all of our stuff.”

The Colorado Springs group said this isn’t the only time that Lif has attempted to get money from leftist organizations. Apparently he’s been working down a list of COVID-19 mutual aid projects.

“Lif has been requesting assistance from leftist mutual aid projects across the country, using a profile adorned with anarchy symbols, marking him as a fellow traveler in leftist struggles,” the Colorado Springs Antifa group wrote in a blog.

Normally, the group says Lif uses the social media handles “14ed88” and “edlif88.” The number 14 references a slogan created by white supremacist David Lane. The number 88 is a code for “HH” or “Heil Hitler.”

The Antifa organization posted the screenshots on Twitter to bring awareness about the alleged scam.

“If Eddy Lif and Jamie Rae Henry Nelson reach out to you or your group requesting, do not provide them with any support,” the Colorado Springs Antifa group wrote. “They are neo-Nazis attempting to capitalize on a global crisis.”


Update: April 6, 2020, 9 p.m. CT. The headline was changed to clarify that Antifa does not run the coronavirus mutual aid organizations.

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*First Published: Apr 6, 2020, 9:03 am CDT