Naughty America is the Bitcoin-using, high-def experience of your VR porn dreams

The popular porn site has always been a tech pioneer.

Feb 10, 2018, 5:00 am


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Naughty America is fast establishing itself the go-to site for technologically advanced porn consumption. Launched in 2001 under a different name—SoCal Cash, a name now used by a junk car and home buying business in Los Angeles— adopted its current name in 2004. It’s apparently a nod to the “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness” promise written into our founding document.

Since then, Naughty America has garnered attention both from the porn industry (which has reliably thrown the site nominations and awards at the AVN and XBIZ awards) and viewers alike. In the past six months, the site has drawn over 8.25 million visits.

For the San Diego-based studio, though, the real action seems to be in emerging technologies. Whether the hot new trend is iPods or selfie apps or virtual reality, Naughty America reliably rolls out a product attuned to the times. Check out these little-known facts about Naughty America to learn more.


10 surprising facts about Naughty America

1) Naughty America operates dozens of themed sites

Variety is the spice of life, and apparently one of the secrets to Naughty America’s success. It operates 42 different special-interest sites with themed content, like “My Sister’s Hot Friend,” “Naughty Weddings,” “Naughty Bookworms,”  “My Friend’s Hot Mom” and “Naughty Country Girls.” All of them operate on the same subscription basis, tailored to your particular fascination. Prices vary from $1.95 for three days, $29.95 for one month, to $95.40 for the whole year.

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2) The Naughty America VR app might someday help you snag a photo with your favorite porn star

For most adult entertainment fans, porn stars are only ever accessible on screen. Naughty America is trying to push those boundaries. Naughty America was one of the first porn companies granted access to the CES tech trade expo where it debuted an augmented reality app that allows users to take simulated selfies with their favorite porn stars.

Right now, the app is under construction and features only one adult avatar. But according to the site’s technology leaders, the eventual goal is to release a product with social capabilities. “It’s fun,” Naughty America’s Chief Technology Officer, Ian Paul, told Venture Beat. “If you’re with your friends you can have her in the picture with you and do selfies.”

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3) The site quietly broke the news of Tiger Woods’ cheating

Six months before tabloids broke what turned out to be legitimate allegations that golfer Tiger Woods had been cheating on Elin Nordegren, the Swedish model whom he married in 2004, Naughty America aired an incriminating interview with adult film actress Holly Sampson.

In May 2009, Sampson told the site that she had sex with Woods when she and a group of her friends entertained at his bachelor party, the New York Post reported. “It was pretty simple, straight up sex,” Sampson said, following some frankly racist comments about the golfer’s appearance and behavior. “He’s got a lot to protect himself from too.”

“He would probably die if he knew I was telling this on the internet but that’s okay, I don’t care,” Sampson added. “It was fun, it’s not like it was any big mystery.”

naughty america : tiger woods Jim Epler/Wikimedia Commons (CC-BY-SA)

4) Naughty America pioneered the super high-def porn experience

Imagine, dicks thrusting out of your television screen and into your living room! In 2014, Naughty America strove to make that scenario reality, announcing that it would transition to 4K resolution in shooting its videos. This is probably not a particularly exciting achievement for those who think traditional HD makes everything look like a BBC drama. However, for those who want to see gyrating genitals in minute, fleshy detail, the move to 4,000 pixels promises to be exciting indeed.

The closer we can come to making it feel like you’re there, the more successful we are,” CEO Andreas Hronopoulos said at the time, according to the Verge. “Our customers want to get as close to reality as they can get, without reality getting in the way.”

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5) Before you knew about cryptocurrencies, Naughty America was using Bitcoin

Long before every bro you know starting buying up cryptocurrency, Naughty America had a Bitcoin payment option. Added in 2014, the Bitcoin payment feature was intended to help people “turn fantasy into reality without reality getting in the way,” Hronopoulos told CoinDesk. Shortly thereafter, Bitcoin quietly disappeared from the website’s payment page, but resurfaced in 2015, according to CoinDesk. We can likely chalk this up to the cryptocurrency’s perennial volatility, but regardless, Hronopoulos believes millennials are emphatically pro-bitcoin. Evidence suggests he’s correct.

Today Naughty America takes Credit Cards, PayPal, Checks, unused gift cards, and Crypto currency. 

naughty america videos : bitcoin Antana/Flickr (CC-BY-SA)

6) Straddles the line between porn and video game with VR porn

Hronopoulos also believes millennials love virtual reality, according to CoinDesk. As such, Naughty America was the first adult studio to strike out into virtual reality territory. In 2015, it debuted its first virtual reality porn scene: A threesome featuring Nikki Benz, Jaclyn Taylor, and the VR user. For Naughty America, the VR porn business is still booming. According to Forbes, subscribers downloaded over 235,000 VR videos in January 2017 alone.

While the numbers suggest that people are into the product, what exactly does it feel like to be having sex with a digital character in a simulated environment? According to Mashable’s Raymond Wong, the experience is uncanny and often uncomfortably realistic. “A porn star leaned in so close to lock lips with me that I recoiled back because her VR presence felt so real,” Wong recalled of his VR venture at 2016’s CES expo. “In a different VR porn video, where I dropped into a female body, a male porn star who was thrusting into ‘me’ was so up in my personal space, I swear I smelled his armpits. There wasn’t, of course, any smell.”

naughty america vr Maurizio Pesce/Flickr (CC-BY-SA)

7) Naughty America was once praised as the “iTunes for porn”

Among Naughty America’s first technology ventures was its Adobe Air storefront. When the storefront launched in 2008, it basically functioned as the “iTunes for porn,” as TechCrunch put it. Users could buy individual scenes for $1.99 and watch them on their iPhones or, more likely, iPods because this was 2008. While a model like this is more or less obsolete in 2018, it was, for the time, a very innovative application of extremely trendy technology.

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8) It counts some politically famous faces among its stars

Remember back in 2013, when serial sexter Anthony Weiner saw his mayoral campaign hurtle off the rails thanks to a string of explicit messages he sent someone who was emphatically not his wife? That young woman was Sydney Leathers, who—when she entertained a sexting relationship with Weiner in 2012—was a politically engaged and anonymous young person living in Indiana. Leathers’ life changed dramatically after she (anonymously) leaked screenshots of her exchanges with Weiner to a gossip site, and after BuzzFeed blew up her spot without much notice.

naughty america sydney leather Inside Edition/YouTube

9) It helped users find their porn doppelganger

Have you ever wondered who your porn dopplegänger is? Sure, why wouldn’t you—apparently this is a popular enough query that, in 2012, Naughty America rolled out a fun feature on its website that allowed users to search its porn star database and pinpoint their facial twin.

“It’s going to revolutionize how people search porn and site content,” company president Eddie Arenas told the Huffington Post. “Plus, people have fun with it. They’ll look up celebrities—like a picture of Kim Kardashian—and their friends … It’s a great way to explore our entire library.”

Admittedly, the feature does not seem to have revolutionized content—six years later, it appears to be defunct. But according to HuffPo, the search algorithm was thorough. Unfortunately, though, it confined search options to include only its female entertainers. 

naughty america Engadget/YouTube

10) Naughty America once had educational aspirations

An early attempt at collegiate branding once got Naughty America into hot water with a for-profit educational institution: In 2009, National American University sued Naughty America for launching its site, Naughty American University, using a logo that the former said looked way too similar to its own. (At least in its current iteration, the educational NAU’s extremely generic blue-and-white design seems easy to accidentally replicate.) At the time, educational NAU operated 16 campuses across seven states in addition to online degree programs, while Naughty America was just making porn videos for its “Fast Times at Naughty American University” series. As CBS reported, both parties agreed to drop the case just over three months after the academic NAU filed it. The “Fast Times” videos, however, live on.

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