This wonderfully gay nativity scene has gone viral

Now that Thanksgiving leftovers have been thrown out, Christmas is officially upon us and that means gaudy lawn decorations and nativity scenes galore. But just because the Bible says Jesus was born to Mary and Joseph doesn’t mean Americans have to stick with the script. Case in point, one queer comedian has gone viral for posting her neighbors’ nativity scene, which features two gay Josephs praying over Baby Jesus.

Cameron Esposito, who also hosts Queery Podcast, spotted her neighbors’ nativity scene over Thanksgiving. She snapped a photo and proceeded to post it on Twitter, praising the idea.

“Our neighbors’ two Joseph nativity is up & I’m beaming,” she tweeted on Black Friday.

It didn’t take long for Esposito’s post to blow up. Twitter users quickly fell in love with the idea, celebrating its creation and queering of Joseph. After all, the son of God was non-vaginal-intercourse miracle anyway, right?

And Jesus is the son of both Joseph and God. Who’s to say he didn’t have two dads on earth, too?

But what to name Joseph’s husband? Some suggest Marty, others prefer Larry. Hell, maybe his name is Steve, and that he hooked up with Joseph after his stint with Adam back in Genesis.

Of course, it’s not enough to have two Josephs. The queer nativity isn’t complete without two Marys watching over Jesus.

The best part? Baby Jesus is still there, and therefore no one took Christ out of Christmas. This may just be the best compromise for finally ending the war on Christmas yet.

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Ana Valens

Ana Valens

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