6 insanely delicious burgers for National Burger Day

Once upon a time, humankind was #blessed with the creation of the burger: a slice of delectable meat sandwiched between two plump, fluffy buns. But then we got bored with that, and started stacking the burger with juicy add-ons like cheese, pickles, and tomatoes. And once we opened this culinary Pandora’s box, we started throwing wacky ingredients like grilled cheese sandwiches and donuts into the mix.



Just in time for National Burger Day, let’s take a look at some of the wackiest, mouth-watering, possibly diabetes-inducing burger combos that have graced our plates to date. 

1) The Donut Burger from Gordough’s

In town for SXSW? Stop by for a donut burger! #sxsw #donuts #foodie #foodcoma #foodporn #austintx #austin #texas #springbreak

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For all you salty and sweet lovers out there, the Donut Burger from the Austin-based Gourdough’s is a match made in heaven. Let the sugary glaze of the pastries blend with the savory juices of the meat and you’re sure to end up in a food coma. Don’t despair if you aren’t in Texas—there’s also the Luther donut burger in Decatur, Georgia (which is reportedly named after R&B singer Luther Vandross), and the Krispy Kreme triple cheeseburger in San Diego. 

2) The Ramen Burger from Keizo Shimamoto

Tokyo Born #ramenburger. Coming soon to a 区 near you. #tokyo #original #keizoshimamoto @goramen

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When the Ramen Burger debuted in 2013, people waited in long-ass lines at Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg to get their hands on the noodle-tastic, beautiful abomination. Created by Keizo Shimamoto, the burger thankfully doesn’t require chopsticks to be devoured—but you’ll probably need a napkin nonetheless. 

3) The Mac Attack Burger from Rockit Bar & Grill

Although the Mac Attack was only available for a limited time at Rockit Burger Bar in Chicago, its genius was enough to make national headlines. It’s the perfect comfort food mashup for those cold Chicago winter nights. The only thing that would make this baby more intense? Loaded mac’n’cheese with bacon bits. Just saying.

4) The Supreme Nacho Burger from Slaters 50/50

A nightmare for most, a dream for some, the Supreme Nacho Burger will eat your favorite Chipotle burrito for breakfast. It also comes served drenched in hot liquid cheese, because why fucking not. 

5) The Taco Bun Burger from PYT

The Taco Bun Burger. New at PYT.

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This is literally what it sounds like: two tacos with some good ol’ ground beef in between. While we wouldn’t necessarily consider this fusion cuisine, we’d definitely consider it the culinary incarnation of a heart attack.

6) The 100×100 Burger from In ‘N’ Out

The secret menu at In ‘N’ Out is one of the best-kept secrets of fast food, but this colossal culinary catastrophe is on a whole other level. One hundred meat patties, one hundred slices of cheese, and no regrets. One guy blogged about his encounter with the beef behemoth back in 2006, which took eight eaters to finish it in under two hours. What a time to be alive. 

Photos via gourdoughspublichouse/Instagram, rockitburgerbar/Instagram

Gabe Bergado

Gabe Bergado

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