Most expensive Valentine’s Day dinner costs more than you make in a year

Why go out and purchase one (or more) new cars when you could instead spend that same amount on a single dinner?!


Mike Fenn


Published Feb 11, 2014   Updated May 31, 2021, 6:38 pm CDT

According to CBS News, a London-based company known as VeryFirstTo has earned the distinct honor of offering the most expensive Valentine’s Day dinner. Its price? A mere $93,300.

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If you’re thinking “For that amount of money, the chef had damn well better come to my house and cook it!”, you’re in luck, because this is exactly what happens. You might also be thinking…and he’d better also bring a cure for cancer and/or some treasure maps, because damn that’s a lot of money.” If you’re thinking something like this, then stop reading.

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But truly, Renowned chef Adam Simmonds, who earned a Michelin star in 2006, will personally prepare the eight-course meal right in your home. The meal is of course filled with only the finest menu items, such as truffles, duck eggs, and “Wagyu beef touched with silver leaf that’s served on a bed of dry ice.”

Note that this differs greatly from the frozen steak prepared by a recently paroled line cook that is touched with imitation parsley served on a bed of A1 sauce that most people will be enjoying on Valentine’s Day. However, most people make less in a year than this meal costs. Right!?

“We felt it was incumbent to offer something that was truly exceptional and where finance wasn’t the issue, but what was the issue was the ultimate and extreme in romance,” Marcel Knobil, the founder of the site, told CBS News.

The package is rounded out with several wine choices, including a $27,000 bottle, and the presence of a harpist, poet, and doves. Presumably, you will have to supply your own harp and clean up after (or become friends with?) the doves on your own.

To crunch numbers, the VeryFirstTo Valentine’s Day package could afford you:

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  • Over 9,000 gifts of the highest-priced package on, which includes 24 long-stemmed roses, 5 rhinestone picks, chocolates, and a teddy bear.

  • At least one iPhone loaded with the recently-discontinued game “Flappy Bird.”

  • A brand new 2014 Mercedes Benz E400 Hybrid Sport Sedan

  • Over 4,600 prime-rib steaks that you buy and prepare yourself without any truffles.

  • Roughly 93,300 boxes of conversation hearts.

All cynicism aside, if you’re spending close to six figures just for Valentine’s Day, I think we need to become friends in time for Christmas.

H/T to CBS News Photo via Porto Bay Hotels and Resorts/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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*First Published: Feb 11, 2014, 3:52 pm CST