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‘This is why my kids aren’t allowed to sleep over’: Mom says she dresses certain way when her son’s friends come over, sparking outrage

‘I hope this be a joke.’


Tricia Crimmins


In a now-deleted TikTok, a TikToker who claims to be a mom says that she wears a mini-skirt and a strapless top when her son’s friends come over.

A screen recording of the TikTok was posted by Pennie Lynn (@pennielane_) on Aug. 16. In it, TikToker @mompinkprincess jumps over a couch in a mini-skirt and strapless top. The overlay text of @mompinkprincess’s video reads: “when my son friends are over.” Lynn captioned her screen recording of @mompinkprincess’s TikTok with the hashtags #Predator and #ProtectYourKids.

On Monday, Lynn’s video had over 4 million views.

@pennielane_ #predator #protectyourkids #mompinkprincess ♬ original sound – P Lynn

@mompinkprincess’s TikTok bio says she’s 42 years old and advertises her Instagram, which links to her OnlyFans account. One of her TikTok videos mentions performing oral sex on an 18-year-old, though none of the TikTok videos on her account show anyone else. A majority of the comments on each of her videos reference Lynn’s viral TikTok and assume her son and his friends are underage.

“Im calling the police,” @josieb.com commented on one of @mompinkprincess’s videos.

“Is this for ur sons friends or sumn ???” @4nx10u5 commented on a video of @mompinkprincess in lingerie.

And she’s not the only TikTok creator who claims to be a mom interested in her son’s friends. In March, a TikTok of a woman in a crop top with the overlay text “when my sons hot friends are over” went viral.

Commenters on Lynn’s video referenced calling the police and condemned @mompinkprincess’s now-deleted video.

“Put her on a list,” @l0ve4jeongyeon wrote.

“ABSOLUTELY NOT,” @fair_holocene commented.

“I hope this be a joke fr,” @esutaparku wrote.

Others commented that @mompinkprincess’s son is in middle school—a claim the Daily Dot was unable to verify.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @mompinkprincess via TikTok comment and Lynn via Twitter.

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