YouTuber tries to help his mom find a boyfriend with adorable dating ad

When you’re shopping for Mother’s Day gifts, there are some obvious, even clichéd choices: scarves, candles, potted plants, Meryl Streep DVDs. Many people just go straight to the Mother’s Day section of a store and picked something that looks vaguely suitable.

YouTuber Alex Norgay is far more dedicated. Determined to get his mom the perfect gift, he went beyond the call of duty to find her a new boyfriend.

Norgay’s mom Eva has been unlucky in love, so he turned to the Internet to find her some potential dates. He made a pseudo-commercial on YouTube showing all of her hobbies and positive qualities, asking men to get in touch if they think they’d make a good match.

And don’t worry—Eva signed off on the video before he posted it online.

Eva seems like a cool lady, so we hope this works out for her. And by receiving applications through her son’s email address, she might get fewer creeps than if she used OKCupid.

Screengrab via alexnorgay/YouTube

Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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