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‘It is a big f*cking deal to us’: Mother calls out middle school for not disciplining student who was allegedly racist toward her daughter

‘I’m not going to tolerate that disrespect.’


Cecilia Lenzen


A Black woman on TikTok says her daughter’s middle school wouldn’t discipline another student who was allegedly racist toward her daughter.

The TikToker, Danielle (@dani_chanaenae), shared a video of herself calling the school’s principal from her car. The video received over 8.7 million views on TikTok as of publishing.

In the video, the principal’s secretary is heard putting Danielle on hold. During the hold time, the TikToker says, “This middle school got me and my daughter fucked up, and I’m tired of playing games and talking to they ass.”

@dani_chanaenae I’m fed tf up! I told the principal last week if I have to call you again I’m calling back highly unprofessional and disrespectful asf! #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #viral #racismawareness #fypシ゚viral ♬ original sound – Dani

The principal wasn’t available to talk to Danielle, so she spoke with the assistant principal instead. Danielle began by telling the assistant principal that she had already spoken about this issue of “racist shit” with the principal.

“So I’m gonna make no apologies for anything I’m about to say to you because I’m tired of having this conversation about racism and my daughter in combination with this school,” Danielle says.

Danielle says the student told her daughter to “shut her Black ass up” that morning. Her daughter told the teacher what happened, but the student allegedly received no discipline because he denied saying it.

“That’s not acceptable by me. It’s a big motherfucking problem with me. Because I just went through this two weeks ago with the school and another student being racist toward my daughter,” Danielle says in the video. “So if you guys are not going to discipline and punish children for being racist towards my daughter, I have given her the OK to do so herself.”

The assistant principal reassured Danielle that he would look into the situation and get more information. Danielle adds that she also wants him to investigate the teacher who let the alleged racist comment slide like it was no big deal.

“It is a big fucking deal to us. There’s not a lot of kids in that school who look like my daughter and I’m not going to tolerate that disrespect and that racism from any student,” the TikToker says. “And at this point, now I feel like the teacher is being racist — for her to allow (the student) to walk away because he denied it. Of course he’s gonna deny it.”

This isn’t the first instance of racism her daughter has experienced from another student, she says.

Danielle shares in a follow-up video that the last student who was racist to her daughter was only punished with one day of in-school suspension. She says that student took a picture of her daughter and added a monkey emoji by her face before passing it around class. Danielle argues that one day of suspension wasn’t a harsh enough punishment for him, but it would be reasonable for the recent student who made a racist comment.

Danielle shared another TikTok video showing the rest of her conversation with the assistant principal. He tells Danielle that he’ll do what he can to investigate the issue and speak with the people involved.

“I appreciate you letting me know what’s going on,” the assistant principal says. “I want to solve as many problems, I want kids to feel safe, and I want them to feel comfortable when they’re here in school. And I’ll do the best that I can to do that.”

@dani_chanaenae Reply to @yan.naaaa ♬ original sound – Dani

Viewers applauded Danielle for calling out the school and standing up for her daughter.

“As (you) should mama … (you) ain’t wrong one bit,” one viewer commented on the first video.

“Mad respect momma … things needed to be said and you said them,” another viewer commented.

“Way to go momma, let them have it I’m so tired of racism show some love we are all the same!” one viewer wrote.

One viewer didn’t appreciate Danielle’s upset tone in the video. “I get that you’re mad, but I don’t think the office lady and AP should have to be talked to rudely because of other peoples actions,” they commented.

Although Danielle did not address the comment, the first video’s caption reads, “I’m fed tf up! I told the principal last week if I have to call you again I’m calling back highly unprofessional and disrespectful asf!”

In another video, she says she had just gotten off the phone again with the assistant principal, who called her back to update her on the situation. The assistant principal told Danielle that the school doesn’t take the situation lightly, and that the student will face the consequences the school has outlined for this type of issue.

“As long as he knows that what he said is not OK, it’s not to be tolerated, and he will be punished in the future if it happens again,” Danielle says.

The Daily Dot reached out to Danielle via TikTok comment.

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