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‘So if I work one day a week? I can get student loan forgiveness?’: Flexible McDonald’s job listing with benefits sparks debate

‘I want to talk to an employee who has actually gotten these incentives.’


Cecilia Lenzen


A woman on TikTok shared a McDonald’s job listing that confused many viewers because of how seemingly flexible it was.

The TikToker, A’Miracle (@yess_itsamiracle), says she and her friend noticed a sign advertising the job listing when they were at McDonald’s. They couldn’t believe the advertised work schedule.

“Available 1 day a week… Works for us!” she says, reading the sign. “Only want to work 2 days a week… We can do that! Need 40 hours a week… We got you!”

“Not McDonald’s — what?” A’Miracle adds in disbelief.

Some other perks listed in the job advertisement include career advancement, student loan forgiveness, and telemedicine.

“If you’re desperate, just say that,” the video’s on-screen text says.

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McDonald’s recently announced that all locations in North Georgia would soon be offering partial student loan forgiveness to its employees, according to WSB-TV. Workers at those stores can apply to have $1,250 paid toward their student loans each year. However, it’s unclear whether employees need to work a certain amount of hours each week to be eligible.

While this is only the case for 264 McDonald’s locations in Georgia, several franchises in other states offer different benefits. For example, McDonald’s Texas offers $2500 each year toward crew members’ college tuition, though this does not retroactively apply to student loans.

Read more about fast-food workers here.

It’s unclear what location the TikTok video’s job listing is from, though the benefits are likely to only apply within that franchise.

Benefits like student loan forgiveness are utilized by companies to encourage workers to join their teams. Franchises in Georgia hope “to attract and hire approximately 12K new employees this summer” with the help of their student loan forgiveness program, per WSB-TV.

Clearly, these benefits have an impact, as several viewers showed interest in the comments.

“So if I work one day a week? I can get student loan forgiveness? I may have to step,” one viewer commented.

“I would sign up for that,” a second viewer commented.

A third said, “If they pay my whole college tuition to any college I go to then I’ll work for them.” In reply, the creator wrote, “Might have to look into it.”

Other viewers refused to believe the advertisement.

“They lyin!!” one user said. The creator replied, “I want to talk to an employee who has actually gotten these incentives.”

“Has to be fine print somewhere,” another user wrote.

However, some TikTokers said the flexibility in hours isn’t uncommon. One user said Amazon allows its employees to work one day a week and pick their shift, and another user claimed Target does something similar.

The Daily Dot reached out to A’Miracle via TikTok comment and to McDonald’s via email.

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