zoom meeting on macbook air with two employees and a person dressed in a ping wig drinking wine


‘I have some difficult news to share’: Man wears pink wig, drinks wine while getting laid off via Google Hangouts

'They lost a personality hire for sure.'


Vladimir Supica


Posted on Aug 29, 2022

Getting fired from a job is most often a very bitter, stressful, and traumatic experience for most people. Other than the loss of income it can also negatively affect self-esteem and leave people feeling disappointed.

However, when this TikToker allegedly found out he was getting the boot, he decided to film the entire interaction and make a hilarious video out of it.

@hi.kun.tea #layoffs #wig #wine #classy #gay ♬ original sound – hi.kun.tea

The recording starts in the middle of a Google Hangouts call with him and two other people, just as one of them is about to tell him he is let go, citing “where the market is headed.” As they say  “Hi, Isaac, can you hear me?” he turns on the camera, showing his head with a huge pink wig on it. He then responds: “Hi, can you hear me, how’s it going?” The two other participants on the call try their best to keep their composure while delivering the bad news but quickly start cracking smiles as Isaac starts flicking his hair and sipping wine, all in response to what they’re saying.

Isaac (@hi.kun.tea) posted the video on Aug. 26, and it quickly went viral, managing to amass over 713,000 views in just three days. 

The comments section is filled with people who shared how they were enamored by Isaac’s charming personality.

One commenter implied Isaac’s display was enough for him to keep his job, writing, “I’d have to make the executive decision to keep you after this.”

“They lost a personality hire for sure. The office culture will suffer,” another claimed.

Another commenter showed their appreciation for his antics, writing, “Probably the best call they had all day. If you know you’re in for some bad news, do it in style.”

Remote firings may just be the future, according to BBC. Some of the companies that let workers go in the hundreds and thousands virtually are mortgage company Better, Carvana, and fintech company Klarna. Some of the workers shared on TikTok their first-hand accounts of what it’s like to be laid off remotely.

Tech companies like Better, which let go of 900 workers, enacted mass job cuts this year, citing factors like an economic downturn. Tech.co is tracking the latest layoffs in the industry. However, Isaac did not reveal where he worked. The TikTok is the only video on Isaac’s account.

The Daily Dot reached out to Isaac via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Aug 29, 2022, 2:19 pm CDT