Video shows man knocking out stranger who brags about ‘fiddling’ kids

He literally beat the man out of his shoes.


Kahron Spearman

Internet Culture

Published Nov 26, 2020   Updated Nov 26, 2020, 11:41 am CST

A video trending on Reddit shows a man in Wales knocking out a stranger after he bragged about “fiddling” kids.

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In a backdrop identified by a Redditor as Wrexham in northern Wales, two men square off on the sidewalk while the videographer talks to another unseen person. It’s not clear what prompted their face-off, but the man in the hoodie is acting belligerent and appears intoxicated.

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Redditor u/ashdoherty, who posted the video, also provided a translation of the dialogue for viewers who couldn’t understand the Welsh accents:

“You’re an idiot you’re working on a Saturday”

“Yeah cos I’ve got a fucking job, I’ve got kids to pay for”

“I sell Mamba to your kids (drugs)”

“What the fuck are you on about, is that drugs is it?”


“What and she’s 4? Where is she walking-“

“Listen, I FIDDLE (UK slang for sexual touching, deriving from kiddy fiddler which means pedo) with your kids!”

(Pedo gets KO’d)

By this point, the man in the safety vest had heard enough. He punches the man in the hoodie in the face and proceeds to batter him down the block. The instigator loses his shoe as he backpedals, confirming that he received a proper whupping. The man in the safety vest kicks the accused “pedo” in the knees and levels him with one last punch to the face, knocking him out.

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As the man in the safety vest walks away from the carnage, he spares a few words for his victim: “Fucking prick, fiddling with these fucking kids.”

As he turns around and sees the woozy man picking up his shoe, he reminds him of the thrashing he just received: “[Do that again] and I’m gonna put you in a fucking hospital. I fucking warned you.”

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*First Published: Nov 26, 2020, 11:36 am CST