Video of man running over emus while laughing draws international outrage


A video uploaded to Facebook of a man purposefully mowing down emus on a roadway in Australia has sparked outrage across the web. The man, confirmed by multiple sources to be 20-year-old Jacob Macdonald of Cowangie, a small town in Southern Australia, is set to appear in court on Nov. 9.

His friends have taken to social media to defend his actions, but most people online have made up their minds after watching him laugh in delight and count as he mowed down the fleeing animals. The nauseating footage has been viewed almost half a million times since being uploaded, according to Daily Mail.

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The RSPCA SA, or the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals South Australia, released a statement asking people not to “name and shame” alleged suspects after two men were misidentified as Macdonald and harassed on social media. One of the men, 19-year-old Harrison Hatzis of Melbourne, said “I’ve copped heaps of abuse and messages from people saying: ‘you’re dead,'” according to Newsweek.

After quickly circulating online, Macdonald deleted his social media accounts, and according to the Daily Mail, pleaded with his ex-girlfriend not to reveal his identity.

The son of a police officer, Macdonald is an avid hunter, according to Daily Mail Australia’s interview with his ex.

“I ended the relationship end of July and he kind of went off the rails a bit after that, well obviously a lot now that we have seen this,” the unnamed woman told Daily Mail. “Honestly he deserves everything he gets.”

Daily Mail Australia also spoke with Macdonald, who told them he was doing the right thing, as the emu population was out of control.

“Here is what the RSPCA doesn’t understand, they go on about cruelty, they should come out here and have a look at the state of these animals,” he said. “I realize now it was the wrong thing to do.”

If found guilty of killing native wildlife, Macdonald could be fined up to $22,ooo and face up to five years in prison, according to Metro.

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