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‘Really know how to kill the vibe’: Loud American tourists disrupt restaurant, bother other guests


Sarah Kester


A woman on TikTok claims that her quiet dinner abroad was ruined by loud American tourists.

“POV: you’re trying to enjoy your dinner in a cute restaurant abroad but the American’s can’t help but be obnoxiously loud,” TikToker @jasm1nex0 wrote on the text overlay. 

The video shows @jasm1nex0 and her party seated at a table in a beach restaurant in Portugal. 

@jasm1nex0 and her friends each take turns looking annoyed by a table in the corner that has at least seven American tourists talking loudly,and even singing. 

@jasm1nex0 Really know how to kill the vibe #americantouristsinthewild #holiday #vaccation #beach #restaurant #portugal #albufeira ♬ original sound – :)

Really know how to kill the vibe,” the caption read. By Tuesday, the video had amassed over 3.1 million views.

The TikToker’s video didn’t do much to help the stereotype that American tourists are loud and obnoxious. A google search for  “American tourists,” yields several articles and posts about how Americans are loud, such as an article by Upworthy on “How to Spot an American Tourist.”

In the post, Upworthy shared replies from a Reddit thread titled, “Non-Americans of Reddit, what is a dead giveaway that somebody is American?” 

Some of the answers included, “Incredibly loud but incredibly friendly” and “When you can hear them before you see them.” 

Commenters on @jasm1nex0’s video shared similar sentiments.  

“Table of Americans at the restaurant ACROSS THE STREET were able to be heard above the music in the restaurant we were in,” a user wrote.

“The accent cuts through so sharply as well,” another added.

A third commented, “ THIS IS SO ACCURATE, I was having a family dinner in Croatia (I’m a local) and it’s as if they had megaphones taped to their mouths.”

But there were some who defended the American tourists in the video by claiming that they weren’t even being that loud.

“Is this a quiet restaurant..?” one user asked. “I don’t get it, they’re not being that loud..?”

“Then there’s me that loves them,” another added. “They’re fun to talk to ngl and very open and warm.”

One commenter claimed that it’s the British who are easiest to hear in a crowd. “British tourists are so much worse than American tourists, and this is coming from a Brit himself,” they wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to @jasm1nex0 via TikTok comment. 

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