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But not everyone is feeling #KruegerKindness.

Two weeks ago, Liz Krueger went viral after posting a picture of herself in a bodycon dress on Instagram. In the caption of the post, Krueger claims that when she wore the dress to a wedding, she was harassed by other women who slapped her on the butt and spilled beer on her.

Krueger, a 31-year-old fitness instructor who lives in Minneapolis, told US Weekly that she wanted to speak out about the incident so she could fight adult bullying. She created the hashtag #KruegerKindness and says the outpouring of support has been overwhelming. “People have been saying, ‘I’m in!’ and ‘I love this!'” she told US Weekly.

I want to say a big ole THANK YOU to everyone who’s sent me kind words of encouragement, support, and just some good ole love over the past 2 weeks💞 Never did I think after sharing an Instagram post or talking to a local radio station about an experience that happened to me and MY body, that it would go viral. Never did I think I would have to put on my “armor” and get ready to fight back with kindness to thousands of people around the world who have hateful things to say about me, and to try to eliminate the hate with kind acts. Words hurt. Actions hurt. Even when they’re done by people you don’t know. It’s even more evident to me now, than it ever was, that we need more kindness in this world. Not just by me, but by everyone. My last name happens to fit well with Kindness, so I am not self promoting, I am taking action myself and asking others to join me! So again, thank you so much to all of you who know my heart, and those of you who don’t, but yet still stand by me. I was bullied when I was younger due to early acne. I would come home crying to my mom a lot. I’ve struggled with body issues since 8th grade. I’ve been in toxic relationships where my self worth diminished. But I’m now here at age 31 confident and strong, and I won’t stand down or be silent because people I don’t know tell me that my feelings aren’t valid. We all have struggles, I’m not the only one. This movement is for ME, it’s for every woman. It’s a movement for women by women. Please stay tuned as I’m planning events for #KruegerKindness and will post them if you’re interested in joining. Have a beautiful and kind day 💞🌷

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However, the response on the hashtag has been mixed. Some are supportive.

Some lashed out at Krueger for trying to upstage the bride. Even the Minneapolis City Pages pondered, “How sexy one should look at someone else’s wedding is a quandary that merits some debate.” 

And still others were skeptical of Krueger’s story.

The skepticism over Kreuger’s claims raises an even more important question about what actually constitutes bullying in our internet culture.

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