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‘You’re the one that needs to be held accountable’: Queer TikToker LesbianPlantDad accused of emotional abuse and manipulation

‘I wasn’t a valid lesbian in her eyes.’


Tricia Crimmins


Queer TikToker Jackie Simpson (@lesbianplantdad) has been accused of emotional abuse and manipulation by multiple queer, female TikTokers. Simpson has almost 460,000 followers on TikTok and has gone viral for her TikToks about inclusivity within the queer community.

In a TikTok posted on Sunday, Annie Buell (@anniekabannie) says that when she visited Simpson, the creator shamed Buell for not performing oral sex on her. On Tuesday, Buell’s video had almost 830,000 views on TikTok. Bluell did not immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via email.

“But your ‘wholesome plant dad’ act collapsed when you shamed me for not acting on my attraction,” Buell says in the TikTok. “You scream accountability until you’re the one that needs to be held accountable.”

Buell says that seven women other have reported similar experiences with Simpson in the last two years.

@anniekabannie The truth is coming out about you. #fyp #foryou #lgbtq #lesbian #exposed #narcissist #greenscreen ♬ 5 years bo burnham – hali

In a 10-minute follow-up video, Buell says that she and Simpson were involved for over a year, and accuses Simpson of traumatizing, dehumanizing, and belittling her and seven other women who have been involved with Simpson. Buell also says that when she was with Simpson, she “experienced narcissistic abuse and severe emotional manipulation.”

Simpson did not immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via Instagram message.

“This is a warning to anyone in the queer community who is or has thought about entering into any relationship with Jackie, especially if it’s a romantic one,” Buell says in her follow-up TikTok.

Buell shares anecdotes from anonymous creators who were involved with Simpson who say that Simpson exhibited biphobia.

“[Simpson] prefers to go after women who are newly bi, pan, newly out,” Buell says in her follow-up video. “[Rather] than lesbians, because it’s easier to gaslight them into questioning whether they’re actually attracted to women or not.”

She also says that she “tried to have a conversation” with Simpson “about her behavior” prior to posting about it on TikTok.

Buell also says that she and another queer TikToker who was involved with Simpson, Tara Bishop (@mytaramarie), received backlash from Simpson because they “didn’t reciprocate” sexually during their individual relationships with Simpson.

In an interview with the Daily Dot, Bishop confirmed that she and Simpson dated for “3-4 months” at the beginning of 2022. Regarding Buell’s description of how Simpson treated her, Bishop said that Simpson made her feel “invalidated.”

“It is incredibly harmful to imply that someone has to perform a certain way sexually in order to validate their own sexuality,” Bishop told the Daily Dot. “Unless I was reciprocating and performing the way that she wanted me to, I wasn’t a valid lesbian in her eyes.”

Bishop also said that in coming forward about her experience with Simpson, she and other women are hoping to “hold a member of our community accountable for their behavior.”

“I personally see so much value in the content that she creates, but it is a slippery slope when the messenger is not living up to the ideals that they are expressing,” Bishop told the Daily Dot. “If [videos like Buell’s] help one singular person avoid the trauma that we have all endured, it’s worth it.”

Another queer TikToker made their own video to share their experience with Simpson. Hannah (@lesbimum) says that they dated Simpson “very briefly for less than two months” in 2021 during which Simpson love-bombed them, was argumentative, and talked down to them. Hannah, who identifies as a lesbian, also says that Simpson asked them if they were “sure” they’re a lesbian because Hannah has a child.

“I should have spoken sooner about this,” Hannah wrote in their video’s caption. “I was scared of the backlash if I’m honest, but we deserve to be believed.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Hannah via email.

@lesbimum #stitch with @moonlight medium I should have spoken sooner about this, I didn’t want to cause drama for anyone and I was scared of the backlash if I’m honest, but we deserved to be believed ❤️ #lesbimum ♬ original sound – Lesbimum 🏳️‍🌈

Simpson responded to Buell’s videos about her with a TikTok of her own. In it, she says that Buell treated her “like a man” and that Buell didn’t touch her when she visited Simpson.

“She wasn’t obligated to,” Simpson says of Buell not touching her. “However physical touch is something I need from a partner.”

Simpson also says that she felt Buell pushed her to be aggressive and that eventually, Simpson ended her romantic involvement with Buell. The pair remained friends for a year before having a falling out. Simpson implies in her TikTok that Buell’s comments about her were caused, in part, by being upset that Simpson ended their relationship.

“It’s OK if my honesty still isn’t enough for you,” Simpson says in her TikTok regarding how her comments may be received. “If you need to block me or unfollow me … for this because it’s just too much for you, maybe it’s triggered something for you, that’s OK.”

But Simpson says that Buell’s videos about her are “too far.”

Buell made a video in response to Simpson’s video that shows photos and videos of the pair touching and kissing. She also says that Simpson asked her if she was “sure” she liked women.

“Jackie has a way of making you feel stupid or making you feel dumb for not agreeing with her 100%,” Buell says in her TikTok. She also wrote a message to Simpson in her video’s caption.

“Try to minimize all you want, too many people know who you are now.”

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