Don’t break up in front of this guy, or everything you say might end up on Twitter

Kyle Ayers was just trying to enjoy a night on a Brooklyn rooftop. Then this couple stormed upstairs.

Mar 2, 2020, 12:20 pm*



Mike Fenn

Breakups are ugly facts of life in the dating world. No matter who instigates the termination of a relationship, it’s a safe bet that neither partner wants to remember it forever.

This is why you shouldn’t break up in front of someone who is live-tweeting everything.

Comedian Kyle Ayers was passing time on the roof of his Brooklyn apartment when a couple in the midst of an argument burst out of the stairwell, dragging their vocalized relationship issues right out into public. Ayers did what any of us with no scruples whatsoever would do: He live-tweeted the exchange as it unfolded. He made sure to sign each tweet with the hashtag #roofbreakup to keep his thousands of followers updated.

Ayers passed on nearly a half-hour’s worth of bickering before he was almost outed.

Fortunately, the girl’s soon-to-be-ex made a save.

The fight lingered on, with Ayers sharing some pretty memorable exchanges.

The girl, “Rachel,” soon declared that she “was giving up” and left her former partner on the roof by his lonesome.

Next time a nasty breakup unfolds in front of him, we hope Ayers add some multimedia to his reporting. We’re pretty sure, for instance, that no one’s Vined a breakup yet.

Photo via Elizabeth Ashley Jerman/Flickr

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*First Published: Nov 18, 2013, 1:20 pm